18 April 2008

Weekend Recap?

I say Virginia...this week has quite gotten past me hasn't it?

  • No video editing scrunching of Rozzie's recital to make it small enough to view right here on this blog (certainly a goal for next week though)
  • Several phone calls still not returned
  • House not totally organized and clean (not that both of those usually happen at the same time)
  • New camera accessories not purchased
  • The Sedona trip from last Sunday not documented...
But...let us not concentrate on all the things I haven't accomplished, let us concentrate on the things I have accomplished:

  • I aged one year in mere moments
  • I opened presents and ate many mini pupcakes
  • I documented most of the things we did last weekend
  • I finally cracked open and started reading no less than 3 digital camera books and learned how to turn on one new camera (this is a big step towards taking pictures...believe me.)
  • I assembled and used one new vacuum cleaner (and have fallen in love with all things vacuumy)
  • I completed my 600th blog post here at Foolsewoode (that was yesterday)
(wait...all the things on that list look fun...yes, I think that would about describe this week)

And...while I would like to wrap up the recap of last weekend, I think we're just a little too far away now from all of that...So, what do we need to know really about last Sunday? Rich, Bert, Janie and I all headed to Sedona for the day for shopping, hiking and photos (Berta and Janie are officially pulling out today...and will be sorely missed, that's for sure) It was beautiful. It always is, after all, it's Sedona...the skies in the distance were hazy (like they have been so often this year in Arizona)

These are my two favorite photos from the day...I love the beauty of the empty seed pods with the red rocks in the background, a kind of left-over tribute of the wildflowers from last spring...I love the little spider web you can see stretched between them...I was sorting through all the photos from last weekend and I have come to the conclusion that I have a lot of pictures of the red rocks (what can I say? I live in Northern Arizona, not only is everything quite close, it's usually quite beautiful as well) and since acquiring the new camera...I'm now all of a sudden not too sure if they're good enough.

Plus? Rich and I are thinking about heading up to Sedona again on Sunday (we must go to Rollies camera and get some things you know...giggle...so the camera accessorizing begins) and if we head up on Sunday...I'm sure there will be even more pictures of Sedona...Only, with the new camera in hand...maybe they'll be that much better?


Anonymous said...

I'm curious about your vacumm. What kind is it? I'm lusting after Dyson but there's no way it'll fit in the budget.

Wende said...

Oh, Oh, Oh?

Happy Belated Birthday. I'm so sorry I missed it. I was so tired on our trip didn't bother reading blogs. I just checked sales so I could communicate with customers and crashed in bed at the end of the night.

It sounds like you had a WONDERFUL day. (Noting it on my calendar for next year.)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect week...


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