08 April 2008

Random Musings...

From a Strange Mind.

Isn't that what you really wanted to see? Doesn't it just seem natural? The Weird?

Random musings...From a Strange Mind?

I figure most of this blogginess is my random musings. The fact that I have a strange mind, is no surprise to me, as I use to get a lot of "you're weird..." 's growing up. It bothered me then, but I now wear my weirdness (as it were) as a badge of honor. I'd rather be known as me. Different, creative...Weird...tired...

Oh yeah.


The last week has been Odd at best. I think I mentioned that. Earlier. In a post. The upshot being that I have been superbusy (I keep trying for the upshot here don't I?) So superbusy that Meena is starting to look at me, with the, "excuse me? Have we met?" look in her face. She's gotten to the point that she is laying across the room from me reading a book, as she doesn't want to risk the disappointment of making the effort to sit on my lap, for the 3 minutes I check in at the house...only to be hustled out immediately. Rich and I called each other blearily this morning...

Rich: "I'm tired"

Me: "Gheeze me too! I mean, how sad is it that I can't stay up past 9 on a regular basis? I mean, I can do it here and there...but give me too many after 9 nights in a row...up early to dash off to something fun and exciting...and I'm left wishing for my boring, predictable routine"

Rich: "Yup...It'll be an early night for both of us for sure"

(all exchanges being made whilst yawning...it's a good thing we both know yawn speak)

We have been doing so many fun things out and about...the weather is beautiful, friends are popping up all over...I know this won't last forever. I've decided to enjoy it, and remind myself that when my schedule calms down and does become predictable, that I will lament the fact that there's nothing going on.

Cause' I'm weird.

Onto other fronts. I've been going over in my mind how to compile the strangeness that has been visiting me at Snap Snap. Let me start by saying, I've written this in email to a few friends, because I had to try to remember what was going on...and let me finish by saying that these were only random accounts, because I have really amazing customers...They happened in the space of 48 hours however. I kept wanting to say to people, "boy the last 24 hours have been weird" but, it refused to stop at just 24. So, sit down, grab a cuppa, and enjoy the latest story:

I had in the shop: "I refuse to buy jeans that FIT me, so my enormous amount of fat is hanging over the waistband...not to even be covered up by my too short shirt that is saturated with dog hair (making it look somewhat like a fur coat) and watching myself dance suggestively in the mirror because I'm apparently really inspired by the music in this shop" Woman.

(At one point, she was standing here running her hands all over her body and through her hair making me wonder if I was shooting porn that I didn't know about, or perhaps a music video?

She was having a good time with herself.
I was not.)

and her side kick "spaced-out" Girl who "doesn't like the color pink." (we all learned this as she announced it rather loudly to the entire shop

Wait...Girls that giggle and text each other while standing next to each other all while wearing tank tops that are far too small and complain they're cold and also dance suggestively to my music (only this time out on the sidewalk in front of Snap Snap) just came in...


My day is saved.


It is at this point that I wonder if The Putumayo Collections or The Buddha bar music are a little too naughty? I mean, I've never quite seen anything like the gyrating that has been going on both in the shop (and out on the sidewalk as well)

The next day, I rushed home after an early morning appointment to make a fresh strawberry pie, Chrystal called to see if I wanted to meet her and the kids for breakfast. Why not? (you ask?) I can squeeze the rest of the pie making in...after.

My mother called right as I got my food alerting me to the fact that "...Where are you?!?!?! There is a yard sale that this woman has ALL this great stuff, including Louis Vouitton!!!!! Get over here!!!"

I run back into the Dinner Bell, excuse myself (feeling a little like a Doctor on call) ask if Chrystal will put all my food l in a to go box, and drop it off at my house on the way home.

I had a quarter of my cup of coffee up until this point.


I rush over to rummage around in this girl's garage. She had no less than 200 children's outfits hanging up...and 50 pairs of baby shoes (not to mention her stuff) all with tags on them. Her daughter is 20 months old now, and never got a chance to wear them (her age is important later...try to remember this fact) She plied us with random weird facts about both her life and her friends. She had 200 people at her baby shower. She was completely disorganized...she was throwing the name Versace and Louis Vuitton around like they were coming over soon...I was excited.

I was ready to check out.

At the bottom of my box was a Louis Vuitton black bag with the colored monogram on it, and a pair of matching shoes (both real and both my size) Here's what was said:

"oh, I can't get rid of those...they are my daughters. My mother gave them to her for her to play dress up"

The heck you say.

Cause' I'm almost 40 and I don't have either TO PLAY DRESS UP IN.


My mother had kindly come back to the sale to help me. Both of us almost burst into tears...we supported each other while we walked back to our cars.

I am still not recovered.
I'm not sure I ever will be...

but, the cold poached eggs, sausage, toast and hash browns waiting on my front porch sure did help.


Anonymous said...

What the??? I'm stuck on the fact that those are for a 20-month-old's dress up. PUH-LEASE!

Anonymous said...

"oh, I can't get rid of those...they are my daughters. My mother gave them to her for her to play dress up"

Ok, then why put them up for sale in the first place? Hello?

Like you said... F. F. F.

Gurl needs a reality check to pay for those designer duds.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and who made breakfast?


Lucia said...

I came across your blogsite, while reading Bleedingespresso. I've just added you to my favourites. Anyway, my daughter said no boys liked her at school becuz they say she is "weird". She is no weirder then most 10 year olds. She is just very dramatic. I love her weirdness. I wish there were more weird people like yourself (in a good way of course) and her. One of our neighbours daughter's called her a "freak". I said better "freaky" then "bully" which I think this girl is!
Have a good one! Lucia

capello said...

dude. that new feature on the side is freak-kay.

and i want your pants.

Casey said...

WRT the dancing around in poorly fitting clothes: It's spring, ya know?

Kate said...

About the naughty girls dancing to Putumayon in your shop:
all I can say is, "that is soooo Downtown Prescott!" You had me in tears with this one. It reminded me of when we used to go out and you would tell me these stories in the middle of crowded bars with Major Lingo playing in the background... I wouldn't dance because I couldn't compose myself for longer than a few seconds without another laughing fit.
But, oh my, those girls are so downtown Prescott, and you know what I mean!
Can't wait to see you in May.


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