22 April 2008

The $4 Million Home...

Rich and I ran up to Sedona on Sunday.

There were things to do...lists, accomplishments, agendas, preconceived notions...things that needed to be checked off and crossed through with a pen...

There were puff balls of Cottonwood that were collecting in every corner that would stand still. It was some kind of a crazy windy day, and either there is a lot of pollen/dust in the air...or we're getting smog in Northern Arizona.

Crab Nots...


We decided to push through anyway and start on our list.

We were hopeful.

We ended up going home early with sneezing, watery and itchy eyes and throats...and headaches...It was decided that it was more of an inside day instead...We did manage to get some things accomplished...

First stop: Public restroom (what? We both like to stay hydrated...we're in AZ you know)

Second stop:
The Life is Good store...I actually went last time I was there, and picked up some fun stuff, including a sticker for the back of Honey...today I got a yoga tank with an ohm sign on it...it was very cute and very on sale.

Third stop:
Rollies camera...we had some pretty specific things to do here...

Rich: Buy a new comfy camera strap. Drool over anything and everything camera. Chat with the photo shop guys.

Me: Buy a new comfy camera strap and a bag for my camera...

Ohhhh...accessories, something that I absolutely love. I believe most everything in life lies in the details...those little things that you would almost overlook if you weren't careful, yet they are often the most wonderful surprises. Little things that tie together a room, a home, or an outfit...accessories are like one of life's special little gifts, and finding yourself on the hunt is a very fun thing indeed.

Rich left me at the wall of camera bags after pointing out the bags that he's used and went on his own quest. They were...nice, quite functional, but not quite what I was looking for. I've often found that in the outdoor world, and some parts of the tech world...the pickings for messenger bags, camera bags and even backpacks (not to mention hiking boots and outdoor clothing) well, are a little on the slim side if you want something that is stylish or pleasing to the eye. I don't know if it's because this has been considered a more male dominated area? (to be fair though, companies are slowly starting to come around)

And then my eye was drawn toward something entirely different, something stylish...colorful...fun. The Crumpler. (their website is great, and you could spend a lot of time refreshing the homepage to see what weird character is going to hop by next, or what each of the fun buttons may do. Rich and I have been giggling uncontrollably about the site all night...prompting several phone calls...oh, about every 5 minutes!)

I picked up The $4 Million Home for the new DSLR...and this bag is exceptional. It is 2 different colors of tan canvas on the outside and a fun green on the inside. It will easily carry the 10D and another lens in the main compartment, and it has a front pocket that would be big enough for my cell, a small wallet, and keys (if I don't run and buy the cell holder and matching wallet) and there is a mesh pocket that runs along the top for whatever extras you may need to carry...SD cards or lens cleaning equipment? What I really love about the bag is the way it looks. There is a ton of room for my camera and it's accessories, yet the bag is wonderfully stylish and streamlined. The adjustable strap is quite long and can be worn across my shoulder rather than just on my shoulder or around my neck...camera equipment is quite heavy after a while and the weight is distributed perfectly. The best thing about this bag? Since it is so wonderfully stylish it actually happens to look nothing like a camera bag, so I can comfortably carry around expensive equipment and not feel conspicuous.

Because, apparently along with being horribly worried that the camera is going to spontaneously explode...I'm also worried that Ninjas are going to try to steal it...

Luckily, there's a Throwing Star pocket somewhere on the bag as well, and I think I can probably hang my nunchucks from the extra straps on the sides of this little beauty.

Rich was also very impressed
with the whole line of bags and would have grabbed one as well, only they didn't have the same color...we both agreed that this was the better color scheme. We popped onto the site as soon as we got home, and found some other wonderful things to choose from, which may make the decision on exactly what to get quite hard in the end!

And we can all, once again, breathe a sigh of relief because I have once again proven to be a very good accessories chooser.


Blue Dragonfly said...

I LOVE your new bag Sadira! I too, absolutely LOVE bags and organizational things like that (even Daytimers, which I can't use in my current job because I have to keep everything on a common online calendar-bummer!). Anyhow, LOVE the colors! I could buy soooo many outdoor bags, backpacks, purses, etc., and have to actually keep myself away from there. It is like a drug, calling me in!

When you have a chance, I've been playing around with my blog template. I'd love to hear your feedback!

flutter said...

That bag does totally rule


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