11 April 2008

A Day Late...

And a Dollar...


Upon scoring a parking place in front of the busy down town bank I use for my banking for Snap Snap, I happened to glance down at the clock in my car.

It told me that I was an hour early.

An hour.

I didn't believe it, worried that it was lying to me, and did a quick check on the cell phone clock as well.

Yup. A whole hour early.

Good grief.

Which can only mean one thing:

  1. I have no idea how to read a clock and I left my house earlier than I should have. By a whole hour (in case you were confused about all that blabber up there)


Scratching my head,
I pondered what to do. I don't live too far from down town, so I could have gone home, but for some reason, once I leave...it's like, well...I'm already starting my day. Only I have all this extra time (besides, I think the cat psyches herself up for when I'm gone...I've actually come home early, and she will barely look at me...preferring, I would guess, to think of me as invisible until I'm supposed to be there) And here I find myself with an entire extra hour in which to do something.

A good 10 minutes of it was eaten up by me checking and rechecking the time, and then resigning myself to the fact I had an extra hour to kill. Short of taking a nap in the car, I figured I should do something.


  • I browsed around an extra long time at the thrift.
  • I went to the library and used their internet to view porn (just kidding...I needed to look up a site that has a problem being viewed on my computer...it is not porn)
  • I arrived early at Snap Snap and did quite a bit of cleaning...it needed it.

In fact, I was so into cleaning and straightening, that I almost opened late.

Which would have been silly, really...as I had just mere minutes early been trying to kill time.

An hour of time is almost to long to do anything and too short to do the other things. Especially when you're in the car, driving around trying to figure out exactly what you should do, turning corners, slowly...pondering. I probably should have just went to The Raven Cafe and had a cup of Chai...or over to visit Megan at Cuppers (only I vaguely remember Friday being her day off)

So, if this time I was early...If I was not a day late and a dollar short...What would that make me?

An hour early and a dollar richer?

On The Menu This Weekend:

  • Rozzy's Piano Recital
  • Megan and Matt's Friday night par-tay (if the recital doesn't go too long)
  • Hiking with Tombo
  • Road Trip to Sedona with Rich to visit, hike and photograph with Bert and Janie...and do some rice chip shopping
Anything exciting where you're at?


flutter said...

there is so not ever a chance of that happening to me...heh

TomboCheck said...

Dang, i would have just chilled out and read a book. But i never get to do that so it is a treat when I can. Or, even better, go read a book AT cuppers (though Amber and Karen were the ones working this morning.... because I did stop by there on my way to work.)

And admit it - you totally couldn't get the player working for RedTube.com on your laptop, and had to view from the library. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery... :)

Anonymous said...

Hubby's working this weekend, so I'm on my own...dunno what I'll do. Maybe some cleaning, reading and crochet...shopping, eating and sleeping.

Oh, blogging and eating..LOL!

Mytutorlist.com said...

Lol, you are so funny! I love how an extra hour in your day left you scratching your head at what to do. It must have been nice though to browse leisurely at the thrift store and to do a little cleaning at Snap Snap.

Wende said...

Yippee for found time.

I was up and at it EARLY this morning. Nearly 7 hours of editing photos and building listings for the fund-raiser. But I'm done. I now see things in squares. :D

She sure is strange! said...

Well, today we(well Mark and I at least) cleaned out our corner "garden". This once consisted of several evergreen shrubs(juniper and something else), about 75 daffodil and lily bulbs, ground cover, monkey grass, sunflowers, 3 railroad cross ties, 2 iron ore rock terraces(about 12 40+ pound rocks), and a red bud tree. Back in November this garden caught fire and burned all the plants to the ground except for the trunks of the junipers. Everything had grown back so I dug all the good stuff out and replanted it elsewhere in the yard. We hauled the rocks to the backyard and weed whacked the rest. Mark used an axe to remove the trunks and root systems. This took most of 8 hours to do. We are dragging to say the least. Tomorrow will depend on how well we can move.

nuttnbunny said...

Dang clocks. They're always messing with my time too. :-)

A fanciful Twist said...

Okay, this is the real one :) A whole hour early!!! What fun, and you did fun things tooo!!!!! Well, I think it was a sign :) Did anything oober interesting happen??? xoxo


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