08 April 2008

The Promised Land...

Doesn't that sound like
the perfect place to spend a Sunday?

In the Promised Land?

There was no sermon, no singing, and certainly no miracles (unless you count the fact that I did not hurt myself too badly scooting tushie first down the side of a mountain...more on that later)

Rich, Bert, Janie and I all piled into the Titan and headed out into the wilderness...I mean, where else would you expect to find the Promised Land?

In your backyard?

Well, I suppose that would be true if you lived in Chino Valley Arizona...

You may remember that Rich and I went out there some time last year together...this is the place where he does a lot of his climbs and he wanted to show it to me. There was a ton of water there then, so we weren't able to hike as far as we did into the canyon this time.

This time we got to the better climbing points...

The weather was incredible and we actually saw three sets of people in the canyon climbing...So the season begins.

I didn't need to climb to feel sore however...as we decided to go explore a cave that Rich has seen each time he goes into the canyon. Now, this particular cave was straight up a canyon wall (because it wouldn't be any fun if it wasn't right?)

It wasn't that bad. Going up (I'm a little nervous about heights you know) but, while going UP something, you're just trying to keep your momentum going so you can make it to the top.

The cave wasn't as deep as we first suspected.

We were thinking that perhaps we would bring the Airstream back, park it and stay a while. As you can see, this may not be a good plan after all.

Rich was quite excited because he noticed that there was a bolted route on the inside of the cave...right on the roof of the thing.

Apparently this is where
you go when you need to solve those nasty upside-down roof climbing problems you may have.

I'm sure I have them...and now I can work them out.

I can imagine they may be horrid indeed.

The view from the top of the canyon wall was awesome!

Can you see Janie way down there??

There was a great lookout shelf...I stood towards the end of it too...I was very brave.

Which may not explain why I spent most of the time sliding on the down trail on my tushie...then again, I'd been doing so well not being injured up until this point. I actually came down unscathed...unless you count the time when I walked through the stickery bush and scratched up my arms...or when I lost my footing (It was very slippery going with loose rocks at some points...hence sliding on the tush) and caught myself by wedging my other foot in between two rocks...No talent there...just an instant reaction. I'm glad I was wearing socks with my Chacos...otherwise it may not have ended well for the ole toes.

There was plenty of wildlife...tiny frogs...large vultures. I've noticed that large circling vultures make you feel a little on edge when you're hiking...

There are also petroglyphs all over the canyon as well. It was a treat to see them, as this part of Arizona is slowly disappearing...being eaten up by gated communities or buried by backhoes...

It was a wonderful day...I am sore just the right amount, I was tired the right amount, and super hungry the right amount. Rich and I grilled up some Boca Burgers for dinner and flopped on the couch...

A perfect way to spend a Sunday indeed...

Thank you to everyone who made it so!!


Wende said...

Oh, see... I'm going to completely disagree with you. I hear sermons in these photos. And singing. And your day certainly looks like a miracle to me.

Says the know-it-all preacher girl. :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenery!

Blue Dragonfly said...

Girl, you bring out the outdoorsy girl I am, looking at these photos, that I have to put on hold for awhile, being a mom (and living so far away from those beautiful canyons)! I just miss N. AZ and S. UT! You have to tell me how you are able to do the smaller pics and have your text line up so well with it. I always have to go back and put in lots of spaces, and do lots of previews. Mentor, can you help me?

Mary (craft addict) said...

Petroglyphs! That is so cool!

She sure is strange! said...

petroglyphs!!! 'nuff said, I'm coming out there!!! Like Wende, I felt a sermon in those rocks, and the sky and the plants and vultures... And PETROGLYPHS!!!! (I majored in Native American Studies didn'tcha know).

Molly, still no babies

Mytutorlist.com said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. I don't think we have places like that around here. I like the pics of the petrogylphs, that's very cool, and I wish I could see the tiny frogs!

nuttnbunny said...


I'm nervous about heights too. Well... not so much the height as the falling and landing. The landing - that's the real problem.


Felicia said...

Beautiful :)


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