29 December 2010

Snow and Design...

Just a small teaser picture of one of the windows of the new shop.

...says the woman who keeps forgetting her camera.

...says the woman who has consecutively woken up at 4 am for the last two days.


My mother and I have been knee deep, or maybe hip deep (come to think of it) in preparations for opening the shop.

Things like:

*Moving heavy heavy objects all around the new space.  My body is so sore it's amazing.  Luckily most of the times we're pushing, hauling and lifting things around we inevitably have to break for laughter...which makes it all worth it, and things are starting to really come together, amidst all the laughter.  What a fun way to create!

*Making many trips all around the shop with armloads of clothing, as all of the clothing was delivered yesterday and we ran out of places to hang it right towards the end and had to come up with a more alternative plan and lay them in piles on the ground.  Walking around a space that is almost twice as big as the other one is exhausting, but in an exhilarating way!

*Working through our first real snow storm of the year...which set the delivery of the wall racks back a day (and only one, I hope) and feeling mighty lucky that the clothing move was scheduled for the sunny day, and not the snowy/blizzard one.  Which gives us more time to fluff and design the rest of the space, and come up with different ideas for placement...I tell you, there are times when I've looked around and thought that not all of the clothes are going to fit...but I know the space is so much bigger that I'm just being silly!

*Hand washing little loads of Vintage doll clothes, and receiving emails of inspiration from my mother...which lets my mind relax and wander into the realm of window design.  What we have up right now is something we  put together in between pushing and pulling furniture, shelves, and showcases...what is going on in my head (and both of our heads) is more exciting.  It's like seeing a whole other light at the end of the tunnel...or seeing a whole other door open in a room with a lot of other open doors and windows.  It's another fun part of the shop...and the part you can let sneak in when you're in between moving and your mind relaxes a bit in a different way.

*And that Murano glass chandelier up there in that picture?  It's totally wired and working...I just forgot to turn it on for the photo (I would love to see the whole shop hung with chandeliers like that one.)  But I promise that I will take more photos soon.  We are shooting for an earlier opening date than we had originally discussed, and we'll see if we can make that happen.

For now?

I think I'll sit and watch the snow come down and dream...

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Wende said...

It looks amazing, Sadira! Congratulations on the move.


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