22 December 2010

I've Got My Eye On You...

The thrifts have been a regular treasure trove around these parts lately...and I realize that I haven't done a thrifting post for a while...what with not hardly posting at all, I suppose that's to be expected?

At any rate.

During my annual Christmas Vintage Treasure Hunt during this time of year, I am sad to say that I haven't come up with buckets and baskets of vintage goodies...but it may be because I started the whole holiday treasure hunting season out with a bang and found the most delightful silver aluminum Christmas tree (with pom poms on the ends of its branches) as the very first vintage Christmas thing I purchased this year


Now, add to that the fact that the thrift had received it in its original box, with each branch in its original paper sleeve protector, nestled sweetly with its original instructions...And then we can talk about how someone somewhere in their back room decided to save all of that.  So, not only did I get this beautiful tree, but all of the other perks that came along with it.

And then I got a vintage color wheel at an estate sale, which I haven't seen in ages.  And I snapped that up too because I really wanted it for both the new silver aluminum tree and the pink aluminum tree I have at home.

So, while I haven't been raking it in by the boxes full, I can honestly say that this season it has been quality over quantity.

The tree is safely tucked into the window display at Keystone Antiques, my mother's antique store downtown where it is being displayed in all of its glory.

It is the perfect window display tree for sure, and I am picturing it being used as a window display for Snap Snap for many years to come...

But, I did want to share with you the new little vintage glasses holder I got as well!  That's me in the picture up there hiding behind it...It's a little metal silver and gold-tone holder with red jeweled pupils...and perfect for my Lulu Guinness glasses that were just laying around on the side table in my bedroom.  I currently have two pairs of glasses, and I use my Lulu's for my stylish out and about glasses and I use the others for...um, other things?
Anyway, I've been worried something was going to happen to my Lulus just laying there, so now they have their own silly little home.

Snap Snap Update:  I was just at Home Depot this morning getting paint mixed and supplies purchased for the painting party that is happening at the new space on Sunday.  I have one question to ask.  When did all of that stuff get so expensive?!  Gracious.  But, it's the fastest way to give a total face lift to a space and usually the most inexpensive way as well...which is almost a little hard to believe as I totaled up my purchases, but I know it will be worth it when it's all done and ready to be designed and set up.

A local shop in town is going out of business, so I was able to run over and purchase a lot of new racks for the new shop.  They were a fantastic deal for me and I really needed to update some of the racks I have (even though between my mother and I, we have a ton of clothing racks...and a lot of hers are amazing vintage ones) as I have been using the same racks since I opened almost 16 years ago!  And I also scored some lovely new half mannequins, mannequins, and mannequin heads all for display.  Now all I need is some more chandeliers (although, I did dig some out that I have been saving for a special occasion...oddly enough.) so we will light and hang what we have and keep our eyes open for the rest that we will need!

We're also meeting with a friend about metal.  Sounds intriguing?  I'll say.  We are looking into having all sorts of metal shapes, letters, and numbers for the new space...along with signs, jewelry...and whatever else we think of coming up with.  It's so fun to create with so many inspiring people!

I scheduled the movers for the 28th early in the morning, so in a Snap (ha!) everything will be removed from here and over in its new home...the wall racks will come down the 29th, and we will be fluffing and designing until January 2nd, which will be our new opening date!  What a great way to start off the New Year...

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Suzanne said...

Lovely stuff, and again, so excited for you about your move.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday!


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