06 December 2010

The Time is Now For BIG Changes...

 Well I have exciting news...After almost 16 years at the exact same location, towards the first of 2011, I will be moving Snap Snap!

I know.

We haven't even had New Year's Eve, and there's already big changes happening in my corner of the world...and Snap Snap's corner of the world too for that matter.

The new shop will be a joint venture between my mother and I, in a much larger space for me (although, we will be keeping the name Snap Snap and our phone number) and on a much busier street in the town....Kind of known around these parts as Antique Row.  I will be moving everything to 133 N. Cortez St.  Besides gaining space, there will be some wonderful new changes at hand.

Along with all the fantastic things I carry now at Snap Snap (name brand clothing for women and men, jewelry, handbags, shoes, hats, and any other wearable accessories...) we will be expanding into and exploring the idea of a whole Resale Lifestyle.

Which simply means that we will also be offering Antiques, Collectibles, books, vintage household items, vintage supplies, and things in which to feather and fluff your entire life...

Resale Mind, Body, Soul.

In anticipation, I have begun finding more display items and other ideas in which to grow Snap Snap up and bring it into a different stage in its life.  We both have creative ideas of where to take this new space, and still let it remain a more than affordable, alternative,  and exciting place to shop in Prescott.

People keep asking me Why Now?

Well, it seems like the right time for me to set my sights on something that my mother and I have been tossing around now in the air for more than a year...it seems like it is the right time to combine our creativity and see where we go.  Between us we have more than 30 years worth of experience running shops  in Prescott.

It's time.

*I will be updating this space regularly with news about the big move...Here We Go...


Rusty said...

Sounds awesome! I think it's a wonderful idea. Sharing resources is always a good plan :)

Anonymous said...

I am so excited! From what I hear, resale shop business is booming, so I think you and mom made a wise choice.

I hope this new chapter brings many many years of fun and profits... YAY!

megan said...

congrats! we are all so proud of you and the gumption to move forward!

TomboCheck said...

congrats Ms. Sadira!!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

So excited for you!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! That store is going to be even more amazing than the original! Which is saying a lot, because the first one is pretty dang great :)

-Amy Mc

Christina Lucido said...

This is great, I'm really excited for you. I can't wait to stop in the new location and see everything!


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