19 December 2010

And the Holidays Just Roll Right In...

No matter what changes are running rampant through my life right now The Holidays can't wait...as a matter of fact, they're rolling right up with reckless abandon.


Could it be that there is less than a week left until Christmas?

Yes, I am all ready...gift wise.  Things have been sent out, they have been bought and stashed...but they have not been wrapped.  And not one thing has been baked...Nor have I sent any holiday cards like I usually do...


But, I did schedule the phone to be switched over to the new shop, and I also have a mover set up to move the Snap Snap to its new home...and I have announced my last day open in the original location as December the 27th (and painting as much as I can of the new space December 26th)  And, we're shooting to be open in the new location January 2nd...even if things are a little rough.  We are used to working around rough edges and it will be easy to work while I'm actually at work, so to speak.  I think we're both finding it hard to really design the space until we know exactly what we're really working with.  So there's that.

And in the midst of all of this change and excitement is the view from my home, decorated for the holidays.  As I sit here snuggled on the couch contemplating exactly what holiday movie to put on for tonight's enjoyment I am also pondering if I like the view from the inside or the outside the best...
I put up the tree at it's normal early time and it sat here with just lights on it...along with the mantle.  The thought of decorating seemed to be a little too much in the midst of everything else, and I figured that I would just call it a day and live with simplicity, because all of the lights are just as beautiful...and then all of a sudden one night I jumped up and started in.  I mean I kept thinking that I collect all of these lovely vintage ornaments, candles, and village houses and since they can only be brought out one time a year then it's high time they see the light of day.

After decorating (which probably took all of about an hour) and then sitting here watching the white lights glinting off all the sparkle and fluff I was immediately happy that I did.

And I can enjoy the view...

(good grief!  I was just looking at the picture I posted and it looks a bit blurry.  I actually used a soften effect...hmmmm)

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Anonymous said...

you've had a lot on your plate, woman. Please continue to take some time to take in the season. OK?


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