13 December 2010

To Do Lists...

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I am here to say that the amount of To Do Lists around here have reached epic proportions.

This is only to be expected, as my mother and I are currently elbow deep in the negotiation of the moving of 2 businesses (well, 3 if you count the reorganizing and revamping of her other store Keystone Antiques, which will be even more packed full of goodies when we get towards the end of this month) and as I was totally and completely ready to go early this morning (I'm getting to the stage where I am having a hard time relaxing and feel more comfortable if I'm doing something instead)  I offered to help my mother out before I dashed to work for the day myself...whereupon completion of said help, we were catching our breath and my mother was rearranging her lists in front of her.

This is exactly the point in which we started laughing.

She had spread out in front of her no less than 3 envelopes with things written on them and arrows and exclamation points and things crossed out.  It was impressive.  She's a big believer in reuse and recycle (which could be only one of the reasons we both work in the secondary market;  Antiques, Collectibles, Resale Clothing...the other is our joint passion for such things) so she usually snags old envelopes from bills and letters she saves and routinely uses them to make lists on.

Which is just as well, seeing as there may be a lot of list making around here for some time to come...I tell you, it's impressive indeed.

Snap Snap Update:  The Book Section and all of the Jewelry are moved out of the Snap Snap and are already at the new location on 133 N. Cortez St.  Also, I have counter tops and a large lit case with adjustable glass shelves, in case anyone is interested in buying displays for a shop...While cleaning out the jewelry case, I did open the doors on the bottom of it and found a blue mirror I used to use for display, 2 pairs of vintage wrap around safety glasses, and a vintage "Grand Opening" cloth banner.  I think all of those things will come in handy at some point, no?

I also think I narrowed down a color for the walls of the new location, which kind of lends itself to a lovely rich cream hue.  We really want to have a neutral palette in which to build off of (and not clash with the amazing wood floors that grace the new shop.)  While I did paint the original Snap Snap with a lot of whimsy and color...We both feel like we want to take the new shop in a different direction.  Since we will be offering so many other items for sale at any one time, stock will be changing constantly, we will build and design our displays off of all the baubles and fun items we have in at the moment instead of relying on a static wall bling.

I have also redesigned all the Shop Tags (a more flowy background and static font, instead of a hand lettered font like I have been using since 1995) with the help of the lovely staff at Staples here in town.  Dina and I also got together and designed a lovely flier for my BIG move as well...so it's plastered all over windows and being handed out.

That's all for now.  I'm off to start making lists...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who puts lists on the back of used envelopes. I can claim it's genetic becuase my mom did it. While I like notebooks and stuff, nothing is better than the back of an envelope for making lists...

I know. I'm a geek....

Suzanne said...

"He's making a list, checking it twice..." perfect time of year for lists! I'm a list maker too. If it gets on paper, it gets done. If it stays in the head...forgotten. So excited for your good news, and hopefully one of these days we'll get up there again to see it and you! Happy holidays friend!

Rhonda Roo said...

its your good juju time obviously-revel in it! make lists with abandon, it's all gonna get done!

I am so proud that you finished NaNoWriMo!! I did not :( even though we have an AWESOME group here in Tallahassee who meet twice a week...NEXT YEAR for sure!

{give us a wee hint what genre you wrote pweese?}


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