23 December 2010

All Things Glittery and Sparkling Bright...

Oh my.

Could it be that Christmas is just a hop skip and a jump away?

I think it might be, and I can see it rounding the bend, and if I squint just right...there it is...in my near future.  Thank heavens things around Foolsewoode are all sparkling bright this season, and the little dusting of snow I woke up to this morning helped with my holiday mood.  Of course, it helps and mostly all comes together when you find a ridiculously cute vintage scene in which to welcome the season.

Yes indeed.  What you see in this post is two little sweeties skiing, with a deer, and a whole slew of flocked ornaments, including (but not limited to) bells, and some crazy pink looking shrubbery...all mounted on a Styrofoam base trimmed in pink ribbon.
Of course.

My mother remarked that when I get married in the future I absolutely must do it at Christmas and then I could use this as a center piece.  I told her if I got married at Christmas I'd use this as a cake topper!

And I don't even ski.

But, it would be worth it, no?

(I'm picturing a pink wedding dress trimmed in white marabou...anything that goes with pink and blue ornaments and my tiara...

Until that day, this little piece fits in nicely with all the Holiday Trimmings in these parts and will probably enjoy a long life with me no matter how it's used.  I mean, I suppose I could just throw a holiday party and design the whole soiree around this diorama (of sorts)

I'll let you know when that happens.

(I'm now picturing Ambrosia...again in pink or blue?  And I can still wear my tiara...)

On this eve of Christmas eve (that's a lot of eve's isn't it?) I wish all of you a very happy holiday in case I don't make it back to write in this space...and you enjoy all of your celebrating in the coming days.  I think I'm going to reflect on this last year and spend a little time thinking about what I was doing on this day a year ago...and maybe just a little bit about what the future may hold...

And wait to see if Santa got my letter this year.

(I've decided to bribe him with peanut butter and chocolate fudge instead of cookies...I hope that works!)

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