04 January 2011

Now Open...

After about a week of moving, organizing, hanging...and moving large heaving things (like shelving, furniture, and all sorts of objects like that) we've officially opened the New Snap Snap on Cortez St Sunday January 2nd!

It is no where complete as far as we've had it pictured in our heads, in the land of imagination and creativity...which is a little surprising to me (I think sometimes I'm under the impression I can snap my fingers and everything will just magically come together in seconds.)  However, there's something you need to know about me.  I think the way I picture things in my head and the way they turn out in reality are very different.

And you know what?

That usually means that it turns out better and in ways I've never expected.

This is also such a large and open space the possibilities for how to arrange things is endless in my head and a bit overwhelming for me...thank heavens for my mother!  She has owned and worked in so many large spaces she comes up with the greatest ideas and awesome arrangements!  When I opened the other Snap Snap almost 16 years ago, the space could only really be laid out in a certain way and somewhere in my head I keep thinking that I walked in and everything magically looked like it did later when I was open.

Instant store!

What I'm not remembering, is how many days I stood on top of a ladder painting...how I added and subtracted racks, displays, frames, mannequins.  And, as this space evolves, we'll be doing the same things...always rearranging always changing.

We are working on decorating and fluffing, as well as solving some pesky wall rack problems.  The walls in this old building are different than the walls in the other old building I was in, so they need to be addressed in a different way.  I don't have that knowledge, but I am working on meeting with people who do.

We still have to install dressing rooms.  I do have the three walls, and they just need to be secured to the space designated for them and painted...and there are two wall racks that need to go up, and when I left yesterday some extra shelves we aren't going to need at the moment were being taken to storage, so I am excited to get to the shop to see what space that opened up or a few floor racks to spread out into (because try as I might, I haven't been able to picture it in my head.)

Did I mention during the middle of all of this moving and arranging and setting up shop that we had a rather large snowstorm and crazy Prescott deep freeze?

Well we did.  Which relegated me to walking everywhere I needed to go for 3 days.  Anything else I needed was saved until I felt safe enough to dig my car out and attempt to drive down my street and not go down sideways.  Luckily it wasn't that bad...after the first day.

We also had a major medical scare in the family...so it has been quite a week indeed.

But a good one, and the new shop will all come together in time in surprising ways in which we haven't anticipated.  Sure we have things to iron out, but after both my mother and I running shops for so many years, I think we can both agree that this is to be expected when owning your own shop.  There's always something to be ironed out and something to work on and improve.

That's what makes it yours.

So, we'll see you downtown in our new location on 133 N. Cortez!


Anonymous said...

Wow It looks great! Seriously! I'm not just toying with you.

Pat yourselves on the back. Y'all really put together a great store. Now for extra business -- bring it on! Woo Hoo!

Suzanne said...

Congrats to you and your mom! What an accomplishment!!!

Bobbypin Bandit said...

I keep seeing your FB updates and I am so excited for you and the new store!!!! Yay!

Looks fantastic. I need to come visit.


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