12 January 2011

Valentine's Window...

The first window I've really put together in the new space...and one that's been on my mind tucked way in the back for a little while now.  That's how my creative process is...things hide in there and pop out every once in a while.

(I just hope they do it at the right time.  So far, so good)
This window has a rather large gold Cupid (I've been saving forever oddly enough) blowing glittering red hearts out of his horn...and even though you can't see it (because it's darned hard to take a picture of the entire window...from the outside I have too much glare, and from the inside I need to make myself into a contortionist!) The floor is lined with fluffy red and white crinolines...which kind of makes it look like our lady there is standing in clouds.


For everyone who secretly (and not so secretly) rolled their eyes at my insane crinoline buying binge this year...I did find something to do with them.

And heavens, when you stop to think about it...the possibilities are really endless.

(mostly because I still have about 12 that aren't being used...because they were too colorful for this particular window.  Whee Anyway!!)

We have two large windows at the shop, so it should be both challenging and fun to dress them up.  There's nothing more fantastic than creating a vignette that makes people stop and look...and yesterday, I noticed that both of the windows have little finger, hand, and forehead marks all over them.

Which is usually indicative of people stopping to lean and peer against the glass trying to see inside...

What a wonderful compliment!


Bobbypin Bandit said...

Looks fantastic! So happy for you and the new space!

Bill D. said...

Miss your posts...

Happy Valentine's Day!


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