25 May 2009

Remember The...Wha??


Happy Memorial day...

I am currently celebrating Memorial Day by searching my memory and trying to figure out if I've ever opened Snap Snap for Memorial Day.

I'm also currently at Snap Snap...

just in case.

There's so much activity downtown, I decided that I would join in...Usually, I don't open if there are not too many businesses on my street open, but there are this year...and the Chamber of Commerce has a craft show (and by craft show I mean, weird plastic crap you can get at WalMart for half the price...except for the person selling live plants...those aren't plastic) across the street...which is killing parking, but that I remember happening every year.

I'm also taking notes about the various holidays and writing them down so that I can remember if I've opened...you know? For next year, when I'm sitting at home totally stymied and trying to figure out if I should get downtown and open the shop or not...Because my personal memory is shot.


I wish it wasn't, but it is (and I'm young yet. Rats.)

I figure after 14 years at this...I should know when I'm open.

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