11 May 2009

Mornings At Foolsewoode...

*Enjoying starting the mornings after coming home from the gym in the warming weather with a cuppa and the MacBook.

*Watching the light dance through the leaves and experiencing the small changes from morning to morning.

*Noticing how many times I think of inviting friends over for summer soirees.

*Being serenaded by song courtesy of the local birds...putting out lots of seeds just so they'll come and stay a while...and noticing this weekend a rather well-fed squirrel and a small chipmunk visiting for some seeds as well...they're using different feeders of course, but their antics are adorable, so I find myself wanting to welcome them too.

*Remembering to dip into my collection of vintage linens, and enjoying spreading the crispness and designs over the table...smiling at the bit of thoughtful fanciness just for me.

*Taking such small steps to the outside to start my day in appreciation for the beautiful setting of my life and interested to see what big impacts that will make.


TomboCheck said...

sounds like you got it figured out. :)

Wende said...

It is the little things, isn't it?

Sorry I've been so absent. My yard kidnapped me.

Anonymous said...

I love mornings!

Kate said...

One of my favorite things to do is to sit in your yard, at a cute little table with linens, and drink coffee in the mornings or eat summer pasta in the evenings. It has been too long! I wish we could do that every morning!

When are you going on a trip? Email me...I need to plan my trip to Prescott, and want to do it around your trip.

sulu-design said...

Wow! What a pleasure to finally be able to catch up here - life sounds good. Happy belated birthday, happy anniversary, congratulations on your photo being chosen in the map contest... I hope you're reveling in it all.


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