15 May 2009

A Mixed-Up Guacamole Weekend...

Which I guess is to say...a weekend with a lot of different kind of plans, and a lot of variety. Now that I'm having the weekends off? I'm floundering. I'm having a very difficult time enjoying myself. I don't know if it's because I'm having a hard time finding things to do, or if I'm so tired I'm having a hard time relaxing...or if it's just what's going to happen for a while? This is not to say that I haven't found fantastic moments during these weekends...Last weekend's spur of the moment and totally unplanned late afternoon margaritas with Amy set the stage for a week where crazy things happened, but while these seemed to hold importance for a time they then faded away...Only to be replaced by even more craziness that then faded away yet again. Perhaps this is the way of life as of late. Last night during yoga, I found myself totally relaxing during savasana...breathing deeply and being present...right up until the moment I woke myself up snoring.

To say that I am out of practice having the same weekend off as most Americans would be an understatement.

(And I feel like I should say here, I am oscillating between total confidence and a bumbling idiot)

I don't know whether to relax and enjoy (which usually makes me feel like I'm not doing enough) or whether I should plan a million things to do (which usually makes me feel like I'm doing too much and I weep when I realize that it's time to start the work week again) I hope this is the weekend I find a healthier balance.

Maybe I should put myself on a schedule like you do with a baby...

Baby Steps.

(maybe I should watch What About Bob... ?)


*The First Farmer's Market of the season
*Spending time with an Airstream Group that is having a rally in Prescott
*Doing research and making patterns for a creative project that has been mulling in the creative space in my being for quite a while now.


*Going to the various groceries and Costco's to stock up on life ingredients.
*Making my famous guacamole...
*Taking such food and sundries over to Megan's for an afternoon party.

(*these are just suggestions and loose outlines. We can not guarantee the outcome of the weekend.)


wende said...

Hey you. . . I"m here if you want to talk about the craziness!

And I know it's hard to shift gears so much. But try to enjoy it. It all has such potential, your weekend!

TomboCheck said...

Wait, how the F did I miss that the farmer's market is this weekend?!?!
Weekend plans just got re-arranged.

Hope you find your balance. Generally I try to be busy as all hell one day, and then do next-to-nothing on the second. That way I feel like i got stuff done AND got to relax.

Sean said...

I had a really hard time adjusting to weekends off after 16+ years working in malls and such. I definitely advocate getting whatever needs doing done on Saturday and kicking back on Sunday! I still get twitchy around the holidays, though. Two weeks off around Christmas still seems weird. ;-)

velvet brick said...

Oh girlfriend....sorry that I have been so neglectful and haven't been visiting as often as I like! I am between chores here...jus I haven't ate my first meal of the day..and it's 6:45 pm!! I have1,000,001 things to do...but I stopped by to say hi and I just have to say how much I have missed the pictures of your happy home and yard...the roses, the baubles in the trees, the 'I ADORE' candlelier...ALL of it! It was much-missed eye candy for this weary soul and I love that you treated us to a visit to your corner of the earth... miss you. I wish my crazy world would slow down so that I could play for a few minutes!! : )

nicola said...

i just found my way to you through a comment on soule mama. you have a lovely blog. and i love your teardrop in your header! i want one.

Mytutorlist.com said...

I LOVE guacamole. It's just too delicious not to love :)


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