22 May 2009

Pictureless Update...

Hi y'all...I'm on strike because I have all these photos to post and no way to get at them.


Actually, I just didn't turn on the MacBook for more than 24 hours. How do you like them apples, Apple? It's nothing against the computer per say it's this list:

7:00am - Dentist (filling/sandblasting/sealing teeth)
9:30 am - Hair Cut
10:00am - Cuppers (to see Megan and treat myself to coffee out and magazine reading)
11:00am - Group
1:00pm - Work
5:45pm - Yoga

There was also running to the gallery to spy on the upcoming show for tonight's Art Walk, pricing clothes, marking down clothes, cleaning, speaking on the phone, and squeezing in various stops to markets an other places to prepare for an upcoming vacation (I'll tell you about that next week)

But really? I have pictures to show...things to brag about and no iPhoto. This will be remedied, I'm sure...at some point. Until then...I hope you all have a glorious weekend! I will be working. The whole time. But, it is raining...so that's a total plus.

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