07 May 2008

Spoil Me...

Upon arriving home on Monday after a grueling day in the mines (yeah, me and the dwarfs...Hey Ho, Hey ho...gratuitous whistling)

During the feed the cat portion of the afternoon, you know? The one that comes before the Go See Niko in his T-Ball game and the really before the Rich gets off of work and we've got some serious relaxing and footsie play on the couch to do part of the evening? (cause' there's no possible way we could squeeze all that into the rapidly disappearing afternoon)

I spied a little package on the porch.

I decided that I did indeed have just enough time to open it up...Because real mail is kind of worth of that. A little pause to sit down and open time...

The package was from LB, and contained not only a whole slew of sock monkey address labels (that I'm now seriously thinking of getting a sock monkey tattoo that matches that little logo, because it's just killing me) and, I hope she doesn't think that I'll ever be able to use these...or if I do, it will only be selective special mailings, that's for sure. And a magnet. That says Spoil Me...which, if you ask Rich, or anyone who happens to know an Aries, they will tell you that this is indeed our motto (at least we think it is...maybe I should get a tattoo of this instead?) Do you see that monkey laying there all sexy?! This magnet not only combines my love of all things sock monkey...but my love of Pin Ups as well. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that there was a sock monkey pin up somewhere out there in the world...and that it would somehow find its way to me.

Thank you LB. I am blowing you a big kiss...I think I shall faint dead away one of these days when opening the mail, because it is just that fabulous (that and all our utilities are getting a lot higher lately)

Spoil Me indeed.


Rusty said...

come visit me and i'll take you to the best tattoo place around. If you come, I'll get a sock monkey tattoo too. ;) (I somehow made it to 37 years old without a tattoo btw)

How's that for a dare!?


Mytutorlist.com said...

The sock monkey pin and labels are adorable - lucky you!!! I didn't think anyone else liked Pin Ups so I didn't post a link previously, but I think you'll love these collection of images from Vanity Fair Magazine. They are "pin-ups" of modern celebrity girls, somehow posed and altered to look like the old fashioned ones. I think they are gorgeous. Here's the link: http://www.vanityfair.com/fame/features/2007/05/vanities_portfolio200705

Wende said...

Don't you just love good mail?? J.Crew sent me some love today. THANK GOD, because today has been hell. OY OY. I've been in a sewing stew and it's not going well.

thatgirldina said...

Cutecutecute! Rusty's put up a pretty darn good dare. Me thinks a road trip might be in order...or of course, in the spirit of truly being spoiled....a first class flight maybe?

Lois Grebowski said...

Me loves that magnet! Made me smile!


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