14 May 2008


While looking through
my photos from this weekend, I came across this one. I'm not sure exactly what I was trying to accomplish here...maybe a close-up on this group of blooms, yet I ended up focusing the camera on something in the background instead of the petals...but, something about this picture really speaks to me.

It speaks to me in the ways that I have been fuzzy lately, and not really feeling like myself (allergies and general maladies) yet here I am the same colorful me, blooming and dancing around now in a different season in the same familiar way...a bit prolific? Perhaps then.

It speaks to me
in the ways that I sometimes am looking very far ahead and trying to focus on some larger goal or dream, instead of watching what's happening in the immediate foreground, yet I celebrate that I have this willingness to try to look ahead and put things into place, but sometimes I need to be reminded to sit and look right around me at the beauty that is now...the beauty that often lies right at my feet, and yet sometimes I step either right over it or right on it trying to rush to the next thing finding myself questioning what next? and not quite letting myself enjoy all that I've put into place for this exact moment...

It speaks to me that I still have a lot to learn with this new camera, and this is not a bad thing, it's a whole new process...that I have a creative eye, that I see things like no one else does, and having a camera helps me express this in yet another way on this journey.

It speaks to me of the fragility of blooming in general in life...this beauty only lasts for such a short time, and it happens in it's own sweet life cycle...it is brilliant and amazing...and if someone is not there to recognize it, to really see the beauty in those things that are around us...does it still exist? I suppose these flowers bloom for biological cactus/environmental reasons that are specifically genetic to the cacti...yet it is still not any less amazing that this happens somewhere in an isolated and remote location...there is still beauty waiting to be noticed and admired, jumping up and down waving it's hands trying to be discovered...and I saw it, does this make it even more real? Because, these things are still blooming and casting their beauty even if no one ever discovers them.

Maybe, this picture
is just a gentle reminder that I need to put the focus back on what's happening now...that beauty lies and unfolds within each moment...even if no one is there to witness it.

Or perhaps I should just practice more with the camera...


Anonymous said...

Only you know, my friend...

Hope you're feeling better.

kirida said...

Funny how one picture makes you think of all these things. I do love how the blurred color arcs and frames the background.


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