21 May 2008

Oh Knit...

Why yes Virginia, there is still knitting happening over this way...

Um, well...Not so much by me, but certainly by my mom, Rozz and Kate (who joined us last night) Since I accidentally forgot my camera, you'll just have to take my word for what everyone is working on right now. Rozz just finished a really cute bear, My mother has switched to cotton dishrags (the wool socks are just too darned hot to knit during the summer months here) And Kate is working on a swiffer cover for her mop at home (well, and a pair of really great socks as well)

And I made Hair ties after being totally inspired by Susan Over Here last week.

See? Not so much knitting on my part, but still something creative at least...I realized a while ago when scouting around in the studio, that I have about 4 button boxes. Yes 4. A bit of overkill on the vintage button front? Perhaps...and I apologize in advance to anyone who has been looking for vintage buttons, as I seem to be cornering the market. I have decided however, that I am going to go through said buttons and we may have a little give away here soon...someone else needs a chance with the buttons, don't you think?

Until then, I am quite excited that I have found use for some of these vintage beauties. I mean, usually in button boxes, there are only 1 or 2 of the same special knock-out buttons (you know which ones I mean...the rhinestone, glass, or special shaped ones?) So, this is an almost perfect project for those you wish you could use...I get to enjoy them, and if the hair tie finally stretches out, I can take the button off, and I still get to use it in another project again...And this project was so easy to complete...just hair ties, a bevy of vintage buttons, needle nose pliers, some 7mm jump rings, and about 2 minutes a piece to bring it all together.

I am very excited about this.

Now, if you'll excuse me...I've got to go do my hair.


She sure is strange! said...

hahahaha! I was like, "she doesn't knit does she?", didn't think so! Love the button madness though my hair is too short to put up(I am, however, growing it out). They are hard to find around here, unless you want to pay "antique store" prices.

I'm getting the itchy craft finger again. Have spent WAYTOMUCHTIME on decluttering and none on crafting lately. I have some PIFs and a trade thing to get done too.

Wende said...


Just sayin. :D

sulu-design said...

I totally knew you'd go to town with this button project - you've got quite the impressive stash. I hope you're prancing around now with a cute ponytail bopping behind you!

flutter said...

she does too knit!

Felicia said...

Love the vintage buttons you used for those hair kabobs :)


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