19 March 2008

Sick Day...

Let me preface this story by first saying that you should be thanking me that there are no photo's accompanying this post. Y'all know how I love to photo things and share, but when, at 2 am, I was wrestled from a deep comfy slumber by the words, "um...something isn't quite right here..." going off in my head...And, I hopped up and ran to the bathroom...I knew I was in trouble.

I think I have a mild case of food poisoning (well, mild compared to a case I once had...but, strictly speaking, I may have lost about 5 lbs. here...yay for weight loss, but boo for not a healthier way) that I am tracing back to eating at the local health food store last night. Mum had to wait for the plumber all day, and needed to take back a movie after he finished (last evening) and get another (Enchanted...if you haven't seen it...do, it's a riot!) and we popped over to the health food to check out their selections. I'm thinking it was the coconut cupcake mum and I split...the new vegan icing tastes as if it has Crisco in it, so I have no idea what they could be thinking. But, mum and I both had an "uh-oh!!" moment when biting into the cupcake, because the last time we tried to eat this icing, she was extremely ill for about 24 hours...and at $3.00 a cupcake, one hates to scrape all the icing off...or get violently ill from eating such a pastry. My Gosh, is healthfood finally trying to kill me?

This isn't anything new, let's just put it this way, with food allergies sometimes come these problems of accidentally eating something you didn't know was an ingredient in a food item...and often you pay. I've been paying a lot for this one. I am now in total agreement with Rich, "If you don't make it yourself...you can't trust it" (this is after the latest soy cheese incident on his part...of which I also had a mild reaction, cause I was there eating dinner) Certainly wise words, and now one's that I'm going to have to live by...because as I'm getting older, the reactions get worse (plus, after fighting off the soy cheese thing a week ago, I don't think my body was ready to try to do it again so soon with whatever is in this icing...or it could have been something else I ate from there, who knows?) I'm feeling a little better now as well (at least in the fact that I'm not in the bathroom every 15 minutes) and I have 2 small baggies of cereal to try to eat with me, because on top of it all, I'm hungry...but a little scared to eat anything.

I'm at Snap Snap though...never fear. I'm like the Postal Service that way...rain, hail, sleet, snow...food poisoning...I'm here.


velvet brick said...

OH NO! You poor thing! Yes, you must swear off the health food thingy! Who knows what was in that cupcake...cupcakes should bring joy! Not trips to the bathroom! It sounds like you are taking care...so good luck and I hope you feel better by tonight! A nice bath, some comfy p.j.'s and you'll 'snap' back! Sending a hug!

TomboCheck said...

much to my co-worker's dismay, I prefer to be at work when sick most of the time. Use the time off for something fun!

Hope you start feeling better!

Jennifer Goertzen said...

Oh lady, I have so been there. The last really bad time was on my honeymoon (which, really, was my own fault - fettucine alfredo at a casino buffet...). Take good care of yourself!

Lois Grebowski said...

Go home and rest...eat something safe... soup?

Mary (craft addict) said...

My stomach had a spasm in sympathy. Hope you are feeling better soon!

nuttnbunny said...

Darling!!! Hope you're on the mend.

Blue Dragonfly said...

I'm soooo sorry to hear how you feel! Yuck! I hope things have settled.

In reading one of your past posts, I see you saw Charlie Taylor! Wow! If you talk to him again soon, tell him I said hi, and also his bro, Sam, who I dated for awhile, so long ago (1989-90)...do you have any info on him?

mommiemarzie said...

Oh Sadira! I'm so sorry you are not doing well. Dang health food store!! Hope you fell better for the weekend. Hang in there!!


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