20 March 2008

Easter Is...

Right around the corner...

Isn't it?

I mean, the holidays are feeling a little squishied up to me this year, are they feeling like that to you too? I was just recovering from Christmas/New Year's Eve/birthdays/Valentine's Day...and here we are with Easter right at the end of the week. And can you believe that I haven't decorated the house?

Not one iota.

I was going to try
to fool y'all and look back through past photos and just post one and hope that you didn't notice that my mantle was still decorated for Valentine's Day. (Actually, unless you come over, you wouldn't know that at all, and you know you can come over anytime...just call first I'd hate to miss you) But, this all changed on Monday night when my mother stopped by for various and sundry reasons and said to me, "well, we're having Easter at your house this year!"




That means not only
do I have to clean up, pick up, and dust..but I get to play hostess. One of my most very favoritest things ever (mum and I were just talking about the joys of soy cheese nachos this morning...cause' if you don't eat ham for Easter...you gotta' eat nachos!) I may also debut the patio on Sunday as well, as the temperatures are going to be 65-70...which means that windows need to be spritzed, things raked, swept and hosed off as well (heh...I said hosed off)

It also means that I had to decorate...not only was I perpetually disappointing Rozzie every time she came over and peeked to see if the mantle had changed...oh, and I know that there are a few of you that wait to see what is going up at what holiday as well, and I hate to disappoint. Plus? Truth be told, I love all the things that I've collected over the years for the holidays, and even though I dragged my feet a bit on this one, I was very happy I took the extra time to delve into the Easter box...

Very happy indeed!

Happy First Day of Spring!!


She sure is strange! said...

LOVE it!!! I've not ever been one to decorate for Easter. It is hard for me to find the "perfect" ornaments for this holiday for some reason. Most times they look really cheap or real hokey and so I just don't do it. However, between you and Sarah(at the Misadventures of Mama and Jack-in my blogroll), I'm starting to wonder if I need to hit the thrift stores tomorrow and find some vintage Easter cuteness! Not that I needed anything else to do this weekend...


Anonymous said...

I've given up decorating for the holidays...

Have a wonderful time!

velvet brick said...

I'm always impressed at how you decorate for all of the holidays! These tiny glimpses are charming and fun! As for the patio, oh yes! Spring has sprung all around and an Easter soiree would be lovely! Enjoy it all, dear friend!
: )


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