21 March 2008

Long Distance Love...

I have been the recipient of Love this week...there are the people in my life that live close that shower me with love all the time...and then there are the far away people that pop up and surprise me in the most delightful of ways!

I received a package in the mail from California, a place I can't remember hearing of, and when I was stumbling through the pronunciation, my mother said it right out loud...The wonderful woman whom sent the package has a 5th wheel trailer and has found my blog via Gadget's Airstream Chronicles(...the owner of said blog with whom I am quite smitten...but we all know that by now, I just like saying it) She has been a long time reader apparently, and I am just tickled to death and doing quite the happy dance when opening this package. In it was a lovely card and the most fabulous sock monkey stamp ever! Who knew they made such things? Ack! I am just dying to use it, and have actually contemplated making up a wall design so I can stamp it all over the house and be able to see it every single day!

Thank you so very much...

And yesterday, I looked up when a customer came in, and who was it but the daughter of my lovely Velvet Brick and her friend who had driven up for the day, and were in to deliver to me:

A jar of homemade lemon curd.

Oh my.
Oh my my my my my...
(you can believe this will be gracing the Easter table this year...that is, if I don't eat it all first...I just love lemon curd!)

Now you'll remember that
I had the fine fortune of first meeting my sweet friend last year...we had found each other through our blogs, and actually have so much in common, it was eerie. She had been talking about making lemonade on her blog, and I made a comment that if she wanted to get rid of some extra...she knew where to send it. And, lo and behold, who should come up the hill and walk into Snap Snap? You got it! And, we stood and talked and laughed and cried...it was wonderful! I not only had the great fortune of making a wonderful friend...Every time I see lemons now, I immediately think of her.

Thank you!!

I also got to see my darling Dina today as well (it has been a stellar week for sure) and may I say how hot she looked? Woot-Wo! She was actually in getting rid of clothes...things that she's shrunk too much to wear! Damn girl...you're looking good...and all that hard work is indeed paying off!! If I had the camera here, I would have taken a picture and posted it...although, she hinted that she would be starting up her little blog again soon.

I am in awe and a little humbled to be recognized for this little online journal of mine. I started this blog with the intention of having a place to record the goings on in my life, a sort of personal writing therapy, and a place for far flung family to check in when they wanted to. I am honored to be sharing it with so many wonderful people, who have done the kindest things...from checking in via comments and emails, to writing letters, sending articles, cards, chocolate, and the most sweetest gifts.

I thank you all so much, from the deepest part of my heart...the things you have so kindly done for me always come at the right time, and are appreciated so very much!! As always, I am the one who is lucky to have found you...

Have a wonderful Easter Day!


velvet brick said...

Well, my dear lemon-loving friend... I may not see you very often, but you know that you are in my heart on a daily basis. I just got all excited when dear daughter was heading up north, so I could send a goodie to you! Your call was delightful and the ya-ya's were yelling "Give her our love and tell her 'hello'!!" Thank you, Sadira, for being such a bright spot in my life. Yeah for all of your love gifts this week! Have a wonderful Easter Sunday...nachos and all!
P.S. Ok, so how cute is that little dress M got from your shop?? They LOVED Snap, Snap and I can totally see us coming up for a shopping trip as well!

thatgirldina said...

Aw Peaches, you are too, too sweet! But I absolutely MUST say, that it is really youyouyou, my dear, who is looking quite fetching these days. Me-ow!

I wish my lunch hour didn't have to end. I could have spent all afternoon chit chatting away with you.

Happy Friday!

Granny J said...

Oooh!Homemade lemon curd. Oooh!

Anonymous said...

You're most welcome for the Sock Monkey stamp!!! I'm so glad that you like it!!! I want one too! Thanks again for your great blog! Patty

a fanciful twist said...

OH WELL, i do say!!! You deserve every last bit of wonderfulness!!!! xo

sulu-design said...

Happy Easter! I'm glad to have found you here - quite a long time ago, at this point - and am happy to hear that others are showering you with love. Enjoy it all (especially the lemon curds)!

Mary (craft addict) said...

You deserve all the love you get!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it just wonderful when you realize how many lives your blog touches? I think it's just too cool!

Felicia said...

Yum, homemade lemon curd. I've got some non-homemade in my fridge :)


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