23 February 2006

The Princess and the Pea

Last night after my celebratory dinner, or as we like to call it:
ME: knock on my mother's front door..."Hello, I thought you'd like to congratulate me on my 11 year anniversary in the shop."
Mom: "Oh no...I knew there was something important happening today...don't we have the same discussion every year???!!!"
Pretty much, although last year, as it was my 10th anniversary, I made a bigger deal out of it...and she remembered and bought me lots of gifts! Luckily she helps me out so many other days of the year with support and fun, that it has become a sort of joke...this conversation we have! So...after my delicious dinner of the half of salmon Rozzie didn't eat, some azuki beans, an Ezekiel tortilla with avocado and garlic pieces on it...and home made Chai tea...the big eagerly anticipated birthday package (the company special made it for Rozzie...yes, her birthday was on Jan. 31st) arrived on the porch...thank you again UPS! (You know, I once had a thing for a UPS man...but different story entirely) You guessed it...as we sang happy birthday, this time without the embarrassing results of the candles on the cake being blown out with a little help from someone else (hahaha), we unveiled Rozzie's new Organic wool stuffed mattress topper! I mean, this erupted in dance moves the likes which have never been performed by my family before...well OK, last week at the earliest.
Background Story: My mom and Rozzie moved into a darling Victorian house last year with the strange idea that we would restore it. I'm not sure what makes us think we can even begin to attempt this, as we own about 3 power tools between the 2 of us (and 2 of them are the same sander) I'm thinking it has something to do with our other shared obsession of reading decorator magazines. So, this has been an experience of being rather cold and uncomfortable during the winters and pretty filthy the rest of the time! (I'm telling you, you've never seen "old" dirt in a yard until you've been to their house). SO...Rozzie has bunkbeds in her room, and no one in my family sleeps on a regular mattress, well, maybe my dad...So, our layering usually consists of a futon mattress and various other things trying to make that more comfortable. I was up to 2 futons and 3 feather beds at one point...before I got my tempurpedic-type mattress and mattress toppers (2) and a featherbed...it's like a large nest! So...last night we unpacked this wonderful mattress topper and put it on top of her futon...with a feather bed topping it!
We almost had a small incident because we were in disagreement about the order of things...was the feather bed supposed to go under or over? So, I'm thinking that things may change from time to time...but at least Rozzie is going to be comfy from here on out...although I see my mom needing one of these as well...she's up to 2 futons and 3 featherbeds...one of which I think she uses as a blanket...It's darned COLD in that house!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Rozzie all snuggled up ready for bed...Her's is the tiny head at the far left (on the top). If you look closely, you'll see the little bear she made last Sunday, all snuggled up on the bottom bunk!


Susan said...

Thank you ASK for calling me a princess and making me famous all in one blog! RSVT

Kristi said...

Congratulations Sadira on 11 successful years at Snap Snap! And to Rozzie, for a deliciously cozy and comfy bed! I'm so inspired to create both a successful business and a princess bed!
Love you!


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