24 February 2006

Good friends

Well...last night I engaged in what I like to call...a mini high school reunion! My friends Amy and Suzanne and I all went to dinner and came back to Foolsewoode for a catching up session, complete with pictures of our lives! Actually Amy and I have been in constant companionship with each other for the last 20 years (my...is it? That's a lot of fashion, music, and boys isn't it?) Suzanne...(I'm sorry, but Arthur's right, it will always be Suzie to me) was MIA from our lives for about the past 10 years, and she's lived in AZ most of that time, so it was wonderful to catch up! I am now feeling inspired to make plans for a trip down to Tucson soon...What with Zora, Kate and Lee down there too...I may not want to come home! OH...and men of the world? Absolutley NO white pants or topsiders please!

So, our fun evening ended in near hysterics...(gosh there never is anything like girl giggles is there?) with the three of us trying to figure out how to use the auto-timers on our cameras. Yes, ma this is what a college education gets you! Needless to say there were some bizarre extreme closeups of various body parts! Disclaimer: I am still having issues with myself in pictures...so if any of the girls sends me what I think is a better one...I will swap out!

Thank you, thank you to two great women of my life...for all the sharing, support and fun!

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same -Anonymous

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Suzie-Q said...

Who wouldn't comment on these hot babes? Great photos-fun blog!


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