09 June 2009

One For the Girls...

Hello blog. How are you? Did you miss me? Seeing as I missed a day...I thought maybe you would have...I miss me, as I seem to have misplaced that part of myself that is...well, myself. I'm sure it will pass though, the feelings of looking at my to do list and being overwhelmed coupled with the feelings of being sick of having to rely only on myself. Methinks perhaps a bit of self-confidence boosting is needed? Luckily, I started that early this week...that is, if you think of Sunday as being the first day of the week.

In the form of a simple hike in West Fork...location, Sedona. Amy, Danece, Lola, and I all met at Foolsewoode early in the day...put a lot of blankets across the backseat of Honey for Lola (it is here that I should interject that Lola is a wonderful black Queensland Heeler and owns Danece, so her comfort was certainly important) and headed down to Sedona for the better part of the morning.

This hike happens to be my top pick for favorite hikes in Arizona...seeing as you're mostly by the water the whole time, it is still nice and cool well into the summer. It's not necessarily a strenuous hike...but it was more beautiful that I remembered it being.

And by beautiful, I mean...lush and green. There were birds everywhere...and we saw millions of butterflies and dragonflies...ahhh...both symbols for transformation (for those of you who believe in such things) and we were literally covered with them at times. I have never been in the canyon when I remembered seeing so many wild roses either...and the smell of these roses? Totally heavenly. I hear that flower growers are now breeding the smell out of roses, because people don't like it. Really?! How strange and sad.

None of my
companions have been on this particular hike, and I was thrilled to be able to show them the beauty that is West Fork. We made our way to the special rock that I like to end my hike with...and headed back to end our journey with lunch out in Clarkdale at SuCasa...my most favoritest Mexican restaurant.

It was a fantastic day for sure, and a perfect way to start a busy week. My head is spinning with the amount of things I am trying to squeeze into this week. All of the things I am looking forward to are things that are going to be quite fun...it just happens to be that there are a few other things going on that are not so fun...which is throwing me off my game. As it the fact that I can not quite remember that hiking West Fork requires me to walk in the creek...which means if I wear my Chaco's all the nice soft sand gets right in between the straps and the tender parts of my outer pinkie toes and rubs up some pretty impressive blisters.


Although, I had to giggle at myself at Monday night yoga last night with my two toes all wrapped up (it's a little painful to wear shoes without band-aids...and I was actually quite chilled all day yesterday and desperately needed to wear socks) So...a little self confidence and a giggle...a pretty great way to start the week, as is a great hike, fantastic company and the sweet reward of the perfect lunch out with the girls.

Yes indeed.


megan said...

beautiful sadira! nice hike and gorgeous pics!

Sillie_Girl said...

I had a really great time and it was beautiful. Thanks1

wende said...

Sounds like the perfect day. And I believe it about the rose breeders. I've been having a dickens of a time finding any with true scent.

Love all the photos. :D


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