05 June 2009

On The Road...

To Zion:

Hurtling through space and time to reach distant destinations. Or at least Utah...Zion specifically. I have no idea what route we took, I only learned through deep discussions in the truck that we would have to somehow get around the large obstacle that The Grand Canyon presents.

Look-out Pull-off...see the beginning of The Grand Canyon stuck in the middle of the ground there?

Why they haven't made a superhighway crossing right through the middle of it, I'll never know (tee-hee)

Rich sweetly posed for a pictures for me...

Good Rich.

And then not so sweetly...

Silly Rich.

Fro Zion:

Stopping at
Lee's Ferry...where the different rafting companies put in for the river trips down the Colorado River and through The Grand Canyon...totally great place I might add. Amy and I immediately ran to the water and stuck our toes in and remarked on the gentle waves lapping at our feet...and the slightly fishy smell that kind of made us feel as if we were at the ocean.

Amy walking on the beach at Lee's Ferry...

And then finally stopping at some rather amazing and fun rock formations that just sort of popped up out of nowhere all of a sudden...

Yeah...a bit blown out (drat the sun!!) but notice how I framed the mountains in the little crack in the rock?!?!
I know.
Totally creative, eh?

I would love to take the time to wrap up any thoughts about the trip...but words are sort of escaping me at the moment. In short Zion was amazing...and in long? Well. I think you've kind of been seeing that this week. Do I want to go back? You betcha. I think Zion and I have some unfinished business we need to wrap up...and now Bryce Canyon is calling my name. Until then, I'm sticking a little closer to home this weekend and making a run up to West Fork...

So, I can mini-shred instead.

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