12 June 2009

Look...Up In The Sky...

...It's a bird, it's a plane...it's a...well, kind of a weird glowing silver thing that hurts to look at for very long. Last night, after yoga and dinner, I quickly talked to Rich...who was trying not to swerve off the road while looking at a strange light in the sky. We were all a bit stymied by this strange apparition, and I quickly ran to grab my camera to snap a few shots...I also grabbed the binoculars.

Rozz looked through the binoculars while I was snapping photos, and confirmed what I thought when I looked through the binoculars. This was no ordinary superhero...it appeared to be balloon shaped with a basket hanging below it (and we know what those look like after yesterday's post, only this seemed to have less kitchen utensils hanging from it at first glance...) it was moving very slowly if at all...and the crazy glowing thing soon disappeared shortly after the sun set.

Now, oddly enough,
the craziest spectacle of the evening was not the glowing balloon so much as it was the yellow blur that shot its way through my periphery vision...a gorgeous yellow parakeet soon joined us in the bushes outside (It's a balloon...it's a bird...) Poor baby, I could only assume it was lost. I ran around the neighborhood knocking on doors worried that this little fellow had escaped his owners. He was very friendly and came right to me, and I didn't think fast enough to nab him and put him in the bathroom (I only thought of this much later, because I don't have a bird cage at Foolsewoode) until I could either find his people or a bird cage. Our little parakeet buddy flew away and then kept going on his journey before I could tempt him to live with us. I'm not necessarily looking for a bird friend for the house, and I was a little surprised that I realized he could move in and be part of the happy family of kitty and sock monkeys.

I am still keeping my eyes open for the little bird buddy, and now that I have a plan he surely won't come back...I also keep thinking maybe this little cheery parakeet was a sign of some sort...maybe think fast! Whatever the case may be, if it does come back...I will be ready.


Sillie_Girl said...

Sadie, Nice picture. I was looking at that last night too, I even took a couple of snaps of it. Thats to bad that your parkeet friend didn't hang around he/she could have been living the life at your house.

flutter said...

so utterly beautiful

Granny J said...

For more info about EBEX, a NASA telescope travelling by balloon, go here & scroll down a bit. Nice pic you got of it!


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