15 October 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes...

So, yesterday...

Yeah, it was a bad day.

I hate to say it, I really do...being totally negative about a day, but there it is.

Very bad.

It was a
throw in the towel kind of day. Let's line it up for you:
  • Communication is breaking down within the conversations of my life...things are being worked on verbally, but still challenging for me.
  • After a lovely blogging session yesterday morning, and a luxurious (but rushed) bubble bath, I went to sit down in front of the Macaroon (which is obviously the Mac's new name) and the little rainbow ball came bouncing across the screen (that means it's thinking) for. a. long. time...until the screen just up and froze. I turned off the Macaroon, turned it back on, listened to some faint beeping and clicking (whereupon I called my tech man...aka Rich...who suggested I turn it off and back on...to no avail) The Macaroon is effectively dead. Kaput. Gone.
  • I had no time to even think about it seeing as it was time for me to finally go back to work. Where I found a non working 2 month old vacuum cleaner. Or rather a vacuum cleaner that works when it feels like it...
  • A slow running toilet that I just had the plumbers come to fix less than 2 weeks ago...
  • And 3 pens ran out of ink.
It was about this time I felt like crawling into bed and hiding under the covers...or breaking into hysterical laugher.

I also felt like some of those great cilantro garlic fries from The Office. I waited to hide until I got home...I did not eat any fries either.

Pupcakes and wine sounded good too.

I woke up today
and I felt a little better.
  • I ran the Macaroon by Argosy West here in town where the minute they opened where I learned that they are all indeed certified Mac technicians, and can help me. Rich made me buy the Apple Care when I purchased the Macaroon...a $250. investment to cover the Mac for 3 years. The person who helped me at the store let me know that he thought it was a hard drive problem. On one hand, that is certainly covered by the Apple Care...on the other hand, the technician that actually fixes the computers is out of town on vacation until Monday.
Of course he is.
  • So...Rich kindly helped me back up my computer a few months ago, in case something happened to the hard drive (gotta love this boy) On one hand, I've got my iTunes and Pictures on their respective external hard drives, on the other hand, something weird happened not to long ago with one of the hard drives, and I haven't been able to back up about 4 months worth of pictures...So, I guess they're gone. But, they're saved on the blog, or at Flickr, and I've sent several to other people...so there's that. I'm just slap happy that I didn't loose all of my pictures or my iTunes.
  • I also realized at some point today that if my hard drive is kaput...I will loose all of your wonderful addresses both email and physical from my address book...along with all of my bookmarks, and passwords and all the fun things I did to make the Macaroon my own.
  • So, I am apologizing ahead of time for not visiting your blogs regularly, seeing as I don't have a computer right now...and the weird thing is, I've been wondering what a little break from blogging would be like, and how did people take them, and could I ever do it myself? I guess we'll find out won't we? Cripes.
  • Oh, I also don't know how to get into my personal email, because Rich set it up as a super special (romantic...that's the way I want to look at it) surprise for me, and he doesn't remember the password.

Wait. Today doesn't seem much better than yesterday does it?

Oh yeah...
  • Rich said that I can come over to the Airstream to blog until the Macaroon is fixed. So that's nice...more face time with Rich (kind of makes you wonder if I broke the computer on purpose, eh?) (I didn't) (seriously...I didn't) He also said I could take home one of his Macs...but I'm not sure he'll let me escape with it...we'll see. There's a part of me that would just rather come over to the Airstream all the time instead. I suppose also, for a while I will have no pictures to share with you...
  • Which is a shame because I found the most amazing vintage duvet cover at the thrift this morning before work, made from the bestest bark cloth I've found in a while!
  • And since I knew I was coming over to the Airstream tonight (where Rich would make me a wonderful dinner) I thought I'd pick up the new Indiana Jones movie for us to watch...when I took the very last copy that was in the store to the counter, the nice lady informed me that it was free.

Things are looking up...

Guess I'd better go get a lottery ticket.

Hopefully I won't die in a fiery car wreck on the way.


Anonymous said...

See? the day had nowhere to go but up!

Love ya hon. Have a great time at the gallery openinig. I'll be down in Normandy, TN helping hand Gladys over to her new hubby...

One less kid on the daddy dole. That makes me smile!

She sure is strange! said...

Yeah for looking on the bright side!!!! Glad your computer isn't all the way dead, that would NOT be good.

Yeah for dinner and a movie with Rich too.


TomboCheck said...

Major Suckage!
Hopefully they will at least get it repaired quickly and have it back to you early next week. :)

And if you need to recover your photos from flickr you can use a program called "FlickrDown", which allows you to batch download instead of individually. :)

Good luck!

Wende said...

Oh, Sweetie!!

I'm so sorry. Think of it like this: all the bad stuff on one day makes for a miserable day. But spread out, makes for a miserable week! Better to get it all over with at once? :D

Yeah, I majored in logic. Ahem.

Bill Doyle said...

Wishing Macaroon a speedy recovery.

Glad you have a backup.

(It's also a good idea to back up your system before doing any software updates).

Have a great day at the Grand Opening (looking forward to your pictures and account of the festivities)!


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