28 October 2008

A Chilli in the Eye is Worth Two in the...

And you thought I would tell you all about the gallery opening didn't you? I know...it's horrible of me not to share my take on the entire evening, but I seem to be saving myself.

For what, I have no idea...but that will be another tale for another time.

I have almost got this Macaroon all up and organized, which is good because I can use it for what it's intended for. Me watching my stories. How much do I love it when someone from some network puts a good show on the internet and lets you watch the episodes for free? Lots...because I can not for the life of me remember when shows come on (The Ex List) and often I also find myself saying outloud, "...wha? 10:00 is when this show comes on...who stays up that late?" (The Starter Wife) And, I would tape them if I could, because I'm all old school and still have a VCR, but that tape is full of the last episode of Project Runway and things have been so crazy over this way that we haven't watched it yet. And by we, I mean...mom, Rozz and I...we watch the episodes every week...and yes, we're behind.

So, pretty soon, I can watch all my stories (yay me)

In an effort to stretch my pennies in these shaky economic times, today I made a large pot of beans. Well, actually 4 cups of pinto beans, which equals one for my lunch every day at work and a bowl for my lunch the day I made them...Not only are beans economical, but they are very very good as well. This week I elicited advise from Megan on the best ways to make a big pot of beans, because she usually has one laying around the house somewhere and she happily obliged.

Soak the beans
overnight, drain and rinse, boil and add oil, onion, garlic, 2 bay leaves, cumin...and salt and lime juice at the end. She also suggested that I add some chilis...jalepeno, Serrano, or any other chilis would do. Megan makes the most wonderfully spicy dishes that are sometimes a challenge for me to eat, but I am getting more used to it...and I have a theory about spices...a great dash of flavor makes me feel like I'm eating a rich and expensive meal. So, I cut me up a Serrano chili.

I took out all the seeds because I know they're hot, and I used almost the whole thing...I could hardly taste it, so now I know I can use more next time as well. I also washed my hands very well at the end, because I know how chili oil can react with one's skin.

I thought I got it all out.

But you never really know until you do something like pick your nose and then it feels like your nose is burning off.

Or taking a shower and washing your bits and pieces.

"Dang. This new fantastic Loreal shampoo with royal bee jelly (for softness and whatnot) I got is very very stingy."

she rubs her now stinging eyes...

"wha? Did I pour the bottle directly into my eyes? Because I think I remember pouring it into my hands and then putting in on my hair...why are my eyes burning so badly?!?! Especially when I open them??"

she rubs her eyes more vigorously with verve and gusto...

"...Man, you can't trust any kind of shampoo company now days...wait a minute...""

"Chili oil?

"On my fingers perhaps?"

She stops rubbing her eyes and proceeds to stand with them open in a hot stream of water trying to flush what now feels like rising chili vapors from them.

Note to self: Using hot water to flush chili oil out of one's eyes only exacerbates the problem. So does forgetting you have traces of chili oil on your fingers and either keep rubbing your eyes or any one of your other bits and pieces.

Or itching any parts of your nose.

Or eating 2 small lemon bars for breakfast and proceeding to lick your fingers off (Serrano lemon bars? Not so good)

And you thought the red itchy eyes was due to the insane burn that was going on today here in town...the one that is causing me to look across the street and not be able to pick out details anymore because of all the smoke?

Yeah...that one.


TomboCheck said...

HAHAHAHA, I've TOTALLY done that one before. Suddenly wondering why my whole face is numb-ish and tingly.

Only takes once to learn that lesson.

Lois Grebowski said...

Yikes, don't forget to scrub under the nails, too! Lots of soap...

Wende said...

We have to stop living this parallel life! We just did chili too.

And I'm so inspired to bake now, those lemon bars are calling to me. Hey, I know, YOU BAKE and send them to me. m'kay? ;)

Mary said...

Oh, that sounds uncomfortable!

She sure is strange! said...


FWIW, my brother makes the BEST beans and follows your recipe almost(no bay leaves that I've seen him add). He was a manager with Chili's for several years and picked up cooking from the Mexican cooks there. He says they really do make some good food.


Mytutorlist.com said...

Lol, you poor girl!

velvet brick said...

I once got chili oil on something not meant to get chili oil on.


I now use laytex gloves.... for my chili.

; )


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