24 October 2008

The Macaroon is back...

Can you believe it? I have the computer back...and it seems to be working, although to tell you the truth I am having trust issues and am a bit afraid to use it.

The hard drive expired and died a horrible death. So horrible it was impossible to recover anything on it which means I lost:
  • 5 months of pictures (all the others were backed up on the external drive...yay)
  • all my addresses email and personal (so, if we've corresponded in the past, could you please drop me a line with either...especially if you would like to receive a Halloween card this year...I'm so sorry about this)
  • All of my passwords (grrr...I can't remember any of them!)
  • All of my bookmarks are gone.
  • I can't remember how to set up my personal email from the house because my internet provider is damned crazy and does things very backwards...so I'll need to call them...
  • I lost all of my fun gadgets on my dashboard, and I can't remember the ones I used.
  • I am so flipping busy lately, I feel like I don't have time to work this all out...thank goodness for days off, eh? You know what I'll be doing.

So, there's all that.

Also...Rich and I invested in Leopard for Mac, so it has an auto update feature which updates all of the hard drive or whatever (see how techy I am??) AND, it has PhotoBooth on it, so I'm flipping happy about that!! (It's the little things isn't it?) All in all...I am super thankful that I backed up my photos and iTunes and have transferred them to an external drive anyway so that I didn't loose more than I did...I'm still stressed about reorganizing everything, and trying to get back some of the photos I lost (most are on Flickr, and while Tom let me know that I could do a batch upload...apparently they don't have that option for Macs...so, does anyone know the best way to get those back?) And thank the universe above that I have AppleCare and that this whole escapade cost me nothing but the time to have it all done...

I feel like there's so much I need to tell you...update you on. I feel so disconnected. I fell like I've been silenced in an horrible way, that my voice hasn't been aired out at all. And, I just want to post some pictures.

In other news:

  • Some wonderful youngster came in and swiped a pair of designer jeans I just put out...I don't know how I can hold on to these things unless I start wearing them all...with the economy going ick...I've noticed more theft. Then again, they've been letting school out early every Wednesday here and their out early this week for conferences (I'd love to have some of the parents in my store for conferences...then again, I'm sure that most of the downtown merchants would...) and these kids have nothing to do but wreak havock on the downtown...it's not been fun lately.
  • My cash register stopped working...of course, after almost 14 years, that may have been a good run?
  • Someone came in Snap Snap yesterday and asked me if I have any Reindeer antlers. Wha?
  • My blowdryer broke before I had the chance to use it at the gym this morning and I had to leave with wet hair (I'm sitting here shivvering still)
  • There is so much smoke from some kind of fire downtown, I can hardly breathe...or see to drive.

Me=needs a break.

Thank goodness for amazing computer techs (aka Rich) who have been so sweet and helpful and encouraging...and inviting me over all the time to eat and snuggle and giggle.

Thank goodness for a frozen yogurt date tonight with a wonderful friend.

Thank goodness for 2 days off in a row to get some of these problems solved.

Thank goodness for all of you who keep chekcing in...thank you for all of your support...and please email me with addresses and whatnont...

I shall return next week with photos and words...


TomboCheck said...

Glad you got the Mac back. Sorry to hear about the theft - I say start setting up electrified areas around designer jeans.....

Try FlickrEdit which is a java based utility which says it run on Mac OS X. The java launcher is on that page, or you can download the installer here

Hope that helps?

Anonymous said...


I really, really missed you dear!

quilteddogs said...

Major league bummer on all counts.

flutter said...

I am so glad you're back!

She sure is strange! said...

I am SO glad you are back!!! Sorry to hear about your pictures, that would destroy me(maybe I need to back mine up sometime soon).

Hope you get back into the swing of things soon. Can't believe you don't have antlers, sheesh what kind of thrift store are you running down there???LOL


sulu-design said...

Sheesh! You do need a break. I'm glad that you checked in with us, but I'm so sorry to hear about all of these bummers. Have a glass or two of wine this evening. I think of you as I'm having mine...


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