08 March 2011

Vintage Cowgirl Inspiration...

And here's what had me gluing my fingers and other parts of my hands to everything in Kari and Jay's studio...Totally vintage inspired necklaces.

These were Kari's original design using vintage Cowgirl photos with burned edges that were then attached to the rusted buckle charms (this is where it becomes dangerous for the fingers...well, my fingers in particular as everyone else seems to have a whole lot more experience with glue in this area than myself) and embellished with charms and bling, and all attached to the copper and silver ball chain necklaces.

I just helped out with the design execution in the end.

And right now they are a Prescott Snap Snap exclusive (and a Cheyenne exclusive if you happen to be in that area) and were lovingly arranged in the shop by yours truly just today.

We also made one Eight Ball charmed necklace and one Mini Flask necklace as well.  We also made a full sized flask, but that's still at the studio as we're perfecting the exact design on that little beauty.

Stop by and see them when you get a chance, as I don't normally make jewelry (being that I'm still biting the glue off of myself) but had a wonderfully inspired and fun time doing these little beauties with Kari, because I love me some sweet old cowgirl illustrations.

Can I get a Ye-Haw?

Or a Yippie-I-O?


Anonymous said...

OMG, those are so cool... even cooler than the candle angel wings. there's some AWESOME stuff coming out fo this studio. WOW!

You need to drop an email to Pioneer woman. She might buy one for her stash...LOL

Anonymous said...

ok, I'm biting. how much is the silver one of the cowgirl with the gun? Please say you still have that one. It's just totally presh!

I HAVE to have that one!!!! Srsly.


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