15 March 2011

Let There Be Light...

As I've recently mentioned, there's a lot of redesign going on around Foolsewoode...A whole lot.  It's not that I don't love the things I've spent a lifetime collecting, but some of the things have had to go to other parts and rooms, and some things have had to completely go and find new homes all together.

And my bedside lamps are no exception.

Which was kind of a surprise to me.

I always enjoyed my bedside lamps, one my father designed and made, and one I received as a gift many years ago.  The one that my father made has been relocated to the new boudoir as it makes more of a dramatic statement in there, and the other one doesn't really gel with my decorating style anymore...and that's when I found these cutie little vintage teapot lamps at the thrift.

They practically jumped into my hands, and at $3 a piece I figured it was a small investment to make in a little bit of the new bedroom style.  The only unfortunate thing was the shades that came with them.  While I'm assuming they're original, they're not the prettiest shades I've ever seen.

So, I started researching shades and found that the ones I really like are more money than I want to spend on new shades.  I also thought the original ones were not only a bit awkward, but a bit big...and then I had an idea.

I am reupholstering a chair cushion a chair that I am putting in the bedroom, and maybe I could use the same fabric on the lampshades that I use on the chair cushion?

I suppose this is a good time to mention that the material is a vintage damask pattern I'm using from a dress that I made into a skirt which I was never that fond of after I made it, and I was just thinking of junking the skirt all together...but that damask pattern is just so darned cute!

(which is why I hung onto it so long in the first place)

So, Sunday I made a pattern for the lampshade and started cutting out fabric.  I then applied the fabric to the existing shade with some glue and *poof!  A whole new look for the lampshades...

Which makes the shades look just the right size and a whole lot cuter...plus?  I still have more than enough fabric left over to remake the chair cushion eventually.

And I think it's a perfect solution for my new little lamp cuties to update them just enough for the room redoux.

I am still considering finding some cute black trim to finish the tops and the bottom of the shades, but for now they're working just fine.

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thatgirldina said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! You ALWAYS snatch up all the cute stuff! The shade looks great...you know i lurve a good damask!


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