01 November 2010

New York New York...

Time Square...at night.  The first night of our arrival.

Needless to say, Time Square is a bit more overstimulating than I remember it being.


A lot more stimulating.

The Plaza Hotel.
Incidentally, we were in New York the same time as Charlie Sheen.  We didn't stay at The Plaza Hotel, so we missed the whole crazy naked Charlie party.

Which may have been more overstimulating than Time Square.

Also?  There's an Eloise flag among the other flags.  I totally didn't realize it until I was walking by sometime later and I was just too hurried to snap another shot.

New York's like that.

It gets into your blood quick.

Tiffany's...and their clock.


Located on Fifth Ave. right next to Trump Tower.

New York Pizza.
I seem to eat very very well on my vacations.

And while this looks fantastic, it's right down the block from New York's top rated pizza...which I tried as well.

Of course.

Rockefeller Center.
Yes, the ice skating was all set up.  Although, the first day of our trip was the coldest...the rest of the days were in the 70's...which means yes, it was warmer than my little Arizona town.  Which also means that yes, I had too many warm clothes with me.


I did not in fact, ice skate.  This was purely Dina's dream...I did actually take a photo of her, but I chickened out.  While I'm young at heart, I all of a sudden worry about ridiculous things like:  If I fall?  What is the likelihood I will break my arm?  Or worse yet, my hip?

My pink cupcake from the Magnolia Bakery...from our Sex and the City tour.
Yes, a glorious three hour tour all over the city which plied me with so many fun facts it left me questioning if I'd ever even watched the series.

On a special note, we did drive by the Puck Building, which made a little special mention as our guide pointed out that the building was also part of another famous series and did anyone know what it was?  Which means that I yelled, "Will and Grace!!"

Because truth be known?

I would have been just as happy to be on a Will and Grace tour as a Sex and the City tour.

We three gals...
That would be me (left to right) Dina and Kari.

Balancing our cupcakes on top of our coffee...which was a special feat because I'd just been inside the Lulu Guiness store in The Village and was a bit over the moon about the entire experience.

Oh Lulu.

You were such a magnificent surprise!

This is a shot from inside Buddakan...the restaurant where Carrie and Big had their wedding rehearsal dinner in the first movie.  It was a pretty fantastic fusion restaurant that we really wanted to get back to...But I'm unsure of how spendy the menu was.

Our tour guide said we'd get a free drink if we went back.

I wonder why we never made it back there?

Good grief.

And some random tall buildings.

Because everything is so gloriously big in New York.

This would be Dina and I...all bundled up.
This also begs the question as I was going through photos...why does it look like I'm leaning in towards everyone?


At least she's not leaning away from me.


That is my FAO Shwarz bag which later went missing.  Oh, I know what you're thinking...some nasty person nabbed my bag.  They didn't.  All the New Yorkers we met were simply delightful...apparently, I'd left the bag to close to the trash can in our hotel and the maid threw it out.

With a special Barbie bag I'd bought Rozz and my Tiffany's boxes.


Oh, I did buy a heart lock charm at Tiffany's by the way.  In case you were wondering.  Also?  In case you're wondering, my eye makeup is darker in New York.

I have no idea why this is...but both Dina and I noticed it.

I, for some reason, have not been able to replicate this in Arizona.

Maybe it's a city thing.

This is a shot of a famous church that I don't know the name of, but probably a hundred people will leave it in my comments.

That's fine.

This is Cartiers.

On Fifth Ave.

Cartiers currently houses the eternity bracelet I want.  But, I firmly believe this is not a gift for me to get myself.  I am very good to me, but this gift?  I'm holding out for someone else to give it to me.

Hear that universe!?

This is the very bracelet your lover locks onto your arm and they keep the key.


I don't wear yellow gold...only white (or platinum I suppose...but there's no need to get greedy)

And I'll end this installment One on New York with this fabulous black and white photo.

Because New York looks so lovely in shades of gray.


Anonymous said...

That would be St. Patrick's Cathedral...you might know that by now. Cartier had a big ribbon around it and a bow on top when I was in NYC once at Christmas time- loved that! I've left things out which maids thought were trash...and yet they sometimes miss the REAL trash. A great place and there is always more to do- next time!
(Margaret L.)

Heidi said...

And St. Patrick's is where Jackie and JFK got married.

Was this your first trip to New York? Isn't it great? I took Julia and my mom there for Thanksgiving last year and Julia wants to know when we can go back.

I've been a few times in my life now (it helps to be a 3-hour train ride or a 45-minute plane ride away), but I'm embarrassed to admit that only recently did I figure out that Times Square is named after the New York Times. Apparently their headquarters used to be there, although now it's a little distance away. Fun fact! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Times_Square)

Magical Mom said...

Oh wow! What a great trip. I've never been but now it makes me want to go. Looks like you had the time of your life!


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