03 November 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday...

Here I am.

Standing on the last privately owned piece of land in Manhattan, the Hess Triangle.  Or maybe I'm trespassing?  That would probably be more accurate.

Apparently you can not own land in Manhattan, only buildings...the land belongs to the state?  I'm not sure, I think that was what Dave was talking about...but you know how I am about historical sites covered in mosaic tiles...I tend to get all snappy with the camera, which may or may not lead to me tuning people out.


AKA: after googling and reading the history of this triangle I think we can say the City is a big ole' bully and an over user of Eminent Domain.  

But it is an enchanting little piece of history nonetheless (although probably not for the Hess family when their building got demolished) and I'm so happy I was there.

1 comment:

Sophia said...

That is quite interesting about Manhatten. I had no idea. Love all the intriguing things you bring to us in the blog world! :D



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