11 October 2010

It's For the Children...

Last Friday evening found a whole group of us, including people I knew and don't know...which is saying something in this little town, out and about.

On the town.

Having breakfast for dinner at Sue Ann's Apple Pan, a favorite haunt here in town...In our PJs.

It was for a good cause, and we all brought a new pair of PJs for a child in the Foster Care System through Arizona's Childrens Association and Hickmans Eggs, who gave each of us a whole dozen eggs free when we dropped off our PJs.

But, the chance to wear my PJs out and be totally accepted outside was too much of a lure to leave me sitting idly on the couch.  The place was packed the entire time we were there and the PJ collection box was already overflowing by the time we got there...and we were only there an hour after Sue Ann opened for the event!  It was so wonderful to see the outpouring of love in the community...and I hope there were enough PJs collected for the children...not to mention, we got to happily clutch our dozen eggs as we left the table.  Our waitress also informed us she was donating all of her tips to the organization that evening.  Just fantastic.

I have to tell you how thrilling it was to rush home, put on my PJs, brush my hair...readjust my makeup and run out the door again.  I shall note here that I did iron my PJs previously that day (insert eye roll here) and since I was wearing my sock monkey floating in clouds patterned PJs, I decided to don my red striped socks and sock monkey slippers.

Yes, this girl dresses up when she's in her Pjs.

In public that is.

Which I rarely am.

I'm not one to subscribe to the I Like to Wear My PJ pants Outside the House craze...unless I'm not getting out of the car.  Because, while I do love my own PJs, I don't necessarily want to subject the rest of the town to them...

I am also sorely sorry that I did not take a picture of my feet.  Because they were festive.

So...if you didn't happen to get out for the event, I suppose the only way to see me in my PJs would be to sneak over to Foolsewoode and either look through my windows (which I suggest you don't do, because not only would it scare me...but I think that it is illegal) or knock on the door...and see if I answer it.

Of course there's no guarantee that I will be in those particular PJs, but mostly I'm festive when I dress for bed so you're probably pretty safe.

PS.  I stole all these photos from Andrew.  Because I still can. not. find. my. point and shoot.


Anonymous said...

Sock monkey PJ... sooooo Sadira... Glad u had fun...

Sophia said...

Are those sock monkey pj's? I couldn't get the photo enlarged enough to tell! :)

What a great cause and I love how you never cease to make me laugh or smile when I come by your lovely home.


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