20 October 2010

Just When You Thought...

I would be posting regularly.

Or maybe that's just what I was thinking...?  Halfheartedly.  Last week?  When I posted more than once.  Honestly...I had great hopes for myself.


I'm stepping off the self-whipping post now.

Honestly, it's the words of life.  They are still escaping me...someone recently told me maybe instead of talking about what is going on in my life, it was more of a feeling thing.

So, scuse me while I feel all over the place.

(that sounds illegal)

Ok...so here's the happs:

*I think I am mostly over my cold/allergy situation.  Just some residual coughing and spluttering here and there.  In fact, I made it to the gym today to walk on the treadmill for almost an hour.  Lifting weights almost made me collapse, and I was only thinking about it...imagine what would have happened if I would have actually done something more?

*Fall has arrived in my little corner of Arizona.  I also decorated my mantle for Halloween...and I know how much you adore seeing those pictures, and I will most certainly post them soon.  I promise.

*At one point not too long ago, I totally ran out of hangers at Snap! Snap!  and shortly thereafter, I ran out of room...and I still had a 4 foot pile of clothing to be priced and put away and more walking through the door every minute.  You'll be happy to know that this pricing/organizing/markingdown/rearranging has happened...and the shop is stocked and fabulous...I have a surplus of everything (which is just fantastic as the weather is about to change and it's time to start thinking of new wardrobe items)

*I have been keeping a secret.

*I know.

*Not fair.

(*It's a biggie too...)

*And, it kind of affects you directly (mostly) (mostly not because I've been so crazy quiet here as of late)

*The blog will be quiet for the rest of the week...because I'm going away.


* This is a total spur/surprise trip for me (which means in between having my head in the clouds, I've been packing and repacking the perfect wardrobe...)

*Thursday will find me and two of my loveliest girlie friends boarding a plane to other places. You can follow me on facebook like my Seattle trip if you're so inclined (although, I'm borrowing a point and shoot so there will be scads of pictures and probably words when I get back)

...And here's a bit of a hint as to where I will be landing:

And yes, I am totally delirious.



Anonymous said...

wave as u fly over ohio...

Suzanne said...

Hope you have a great time in NYC!!!!! Would love to go there one day! And I sure hope you feel better soon too.

flutter said...

have so much fun!


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