29 September 2010



I just signed up for NoMoWriMo, otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month.


Stop laughing.


I can totally hear you.

I know that the blog has been rather, ummm...quiet lately?  But you'll remember that before all this quiet there was a whole slew of wordy pontification (Bear with me, I have to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November...I'm gonna have to start bringing out the big words.)  Like years and years of wordy.  It's only been recently that it's been more quiet around these parts.

And that's only because I lost my point and shoot...or rather, misplaced it.  I hate to think I lost it.  I know it's going to show up somewhere, and if I was a teenager I'd start by looking under the bed...which is exactly where I found a missing and errant purse years ago (after a week of searching.  What?  There was a lot of mess under my bed.)  (Wait.)  (I totally haven't looked under the bed OR the couch at home) And besides, did it occur to you that perhaps I am going through a whole lot of weird emotional baggage stuff that I've been carrying around for many years now?  Well.  It occurred to me when I burst into tears 3 times in as many days.  I'm still hip deep wading through this particular set of stuffed emotions of my life...but, I'm getting used to the tension.

Perhaps getting used to is too strong of a phrase.  I'm cried out  practicing fake it till I make it  running away   giving up feeling happy 100% of the time  Regrouping...taking a deep breath and getting on with it in spite of feeling uncomfortable (I also scheduled a massage in about a week to help my battered sore body.)  I'm also realizing that no matter what...it's never too late to run a line through things that have happened in my life and replace them with something else.

A better story


At some point up there did I say that I just signed up for a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in November?

Ahhh.  I thought so.

50,000 words, eh?

No problem.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited you're doing NaNo this year - hooray for words and thoughts and crazed creativity! I'll keep the coffee pot on for ya, literally and metaphorically.

(who is once again too lazy to sign into blogger...)

Sophia said...

What?!?!??! You did?!?!?! Coolness! I wish you the best and look forward to reading your writings/posts. Woot! :)

Wende said...

One word: YOU ARE CRAZY. Ok, that's 3. Hahah. Good luck and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I wish you luck! I don't know how many fanfics I have finished on my WordPad, but they have either 9 or 10 chapters. Sad, yes, I'm trying to make a new one to be 20 chapters.

BTW, How do you write that stuff and cross it out? I'd like to know, cuz it would go nicely in a new fanfic.



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