21 September 2010

Testing...1 2 3

Is this thing on??

Oh dear.

I've neglected this space something fierce haven't I?  I'm so very sorry...I have been thinking of the blog fondly as I run full speed around in my life though, and I'm sure that has to count for something.

Although, maybe not.

Probably not.

I have actually been very busy.  There has been truckloads coming into the shop which takes up a lot of the time I reserve to write in this space...but more importantly?  I haven't felt very chatty.  In fact, I have been saying to myself, "Self?  This is not even that interesting to write about...and besides, what would it be like to just jump ship for a bit?"  Which is a very odd thought indeed.  I have had just enough energy to wake up before the sun, go to the gym, get ready for my day, work my tail off, come home and vibrate in a chair for a while...call it relaxation, and then do errands (in my off moments).  It was in fact, the other day whilst driving home from CostCo that I thought to myself, "Self?  We could totally go away...somewhere tropical.  We could do that you know.  There's not much other than the obvious responsibilities that is holding us back"

Then I realized I was probably being dramatic and mostly sounded a little like Stella, and perhaps all I need to do is try to get my groove back.

So here I am...groovin' away.

I did have a bit of an opportunity for an escape this last weekend however which entailed getting in DaNece's car and riding down the mountain and into The Valley of the Sun...and participating in some long time coming boot shopping.  We went to Last Chance and oddly enough, boots were 40% off...so I nabbed a couple of pairs (seeing as that was my focus after all)  Needless to say they were both lovely and quite a steal at less than $24.00 a piece (Steve Madden short red cowboy boots and Michael Kors tall dark brown suede boots)  I also found a wool cream colored pea coat (which I totally didn't need because I adore jackets and I honestly don't have room in my jacket closet, but it looked so lovely on me...and into the basket it went) and a Michael Kors long black over-sweater thing...oh, and the most fantastic black dress with a stand up collar and ruffles running down the front of it.


I just got my hair cut with a lot more choppy layers in it last week, and I have been doing it straight for a total change so these things look fantastic with my new hair.

Isn't that just the way of it?

Well that and I'm not enamored of anything in my closet and drawers at the moment.  I think it's about time to invite my sister home for a once over...she's so good about going through my stuff and making me part with things I think I can't live without (mostly she makes fun of me, but it seems to do the trick quite well)

But, in all actuality I owe her a trip and she's right by the seaside...so maybe I should just scrap it and get my groove back after all...

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Wende said...

Well, hello stranger! Good busy is the best kind!


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