01 September 2010

Seatte :: Day Two :: OR :: When The Girl Really Starts Eating

Hello Pikes Market...also known as one of the longest running farmers markets in our fabulous country!

Only one of the many interesting facts I learned on our 2 hour culinary tour of the Marketplace.  I mean, let's all collectively ask ourselves what could be better than strolling around a fantastic gourmet, fresh, and amazing food market for 2 hours learning and sampling the whole time?


I thought so.

This is where I learned of Beechers Cheese and the hands down the best macaroni and cheese I've ever had.  They're into the slow food movement, but I have a feeling they've always been into it as it takes time and dedication to make a superior cheese.

Thanks a lot Beechers, because now I'm dreaming constantly of your cheese.
And I'm lactose intolerant...

Yes, that's a dungeness Crab sandwich...which we went back and sampled later.

We tasted smoked salmon from the flying fish portion of the market...which I would have jumped at the chance to bring home, but it was a little pricey to ship.

The Piroshkys from Piroshky-Piroshky were divine.

Not to mention the mini donuts, 2 kinds of chowders, Chukar Cherries, all the fresh organic fruits, and the crab cakes (which is where we learned about the coconut cream pie.  More on that later...), the herbal tea, and the shots of espresso.

I seriously recommend this tour whenever you're in Seattle.

We then hopped right on the monorail and rode over to The Space Needle.  I tell you, if a city has a monorail, one should ride it...

They're very fun.

We then spent the afternoon visiting the Music Experience Museum...which had a pretty awesome instrument tower.  Not to mention the great interactive guitar exhibits, music exhibits, radio exhibits...The Jimmy Hendrix Experiene:

Complete with a smashed up guitar.

And a whole costume exhibit featuring the costumes designed and worn by The Supremes.  I have one thing to say:  These gals were Tiny.

And sparkly.


That's two things...but both of them are very true.  It was awesome to see these fabulous garments up close and personal.

And inspiring.

In case I get a bedazzler in the future.

You can bet I have a lot of ideas swimming around in my head now!

Next to the Music was The Science Fiction Museum.

I love me some Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Claudine wandered around not really recognizing much...but it was still great fun to see all the exhibits that started out with the Pulp Science Fiction and ran through to the most recent goodies.

And they had some great Planet of the Apes memorabilia which I usually find lacking in most museums I visit.
Then it was outside to find the Science Museum...via a stop at the directory to laugh hysterically at the Space Needle arrow pointing to the Space Needle...which was within spitting distance

(although, I don't think they encourage you to do that when you're on the observation deck)

But, I suppose it's nice to have arrows so you don't get lost.

While on vacation.

Or you have no observational powers whatsoever.

(this is coming from a woman who was once in downtown SanAntonio looking for The Alamo and stopped at the most beautiful garden and remarked on it's loveliness and the historical building sitting behind it.  Which happened to be, on closer inspection...The Alamo.)

(she could probably have used an arrow or two)


The Science Museum was hands on...and a bit grimy due to this fact, but interesting nevertheless.

We toured the butterfly room, which was wonderful.  Especially after you walked through the other insect exhibit trying to avoid the people who wanted you to hold the cockroaches.

Um, ick.

And we also saw a laser show that was choreographed to Bob Marley music...not my favorite due to a stuck tape in a tape player in Kim's car when we were younger, but it was still nice to sit and take a breather at this point.

Then it was back to the Space Needle.  Which I spectacularly chickened out of going to the top of the minute we stood under it.

I'm fine with this.

I have a heights thing...and it's easier for me to do things like this in the dark because my depth perception is then so thrown off by the dark I can't tell how high up I am.

Then it was on to Serious Pie for dinner.

Serious Pie is one of a series of restaurants owned by Iron Chef Tom Douglas.  We happened to read about it on our Taste of Seattle Tour brochure, and we were given a discount card to use at thier affiliates...so I absolutely insisted that it would be totally irresponsible if we did not run down and try it.

And by insist I mean, I asked nicely with almost no whining involved.

It was packed busy when we got there, so we left our cell number and walked down to Lolas, another of his fine dining establishments and partook of the grape drink (which was an insanely tasty mixture of reds) with Bacchus whom sits atop the lovely bar.  It was a fantastic wait...made better by already seeing Serious Pie's menu, so I could anticipate.

When we were called back, we sat at a long communal table (much like those in Europe) and I ordered a lovely Italian red (since I was kind of on a red kick at this point)  I also ordered my pizza right then and there

I had a Chantalle mushroom pizza with truffle cheese.

Oh yes I did.


And mostly with my eyes closed...savoring every moment.


We had also heard that it would be most likely a crime if we were to leave Seattle without having some of his Coconut Creme Pie...which was not actually on the menu, but I ordered it and they assured me that they would have someone run down around the corner to The Dahlia Bakery just for me.

Cause' that's how they roll at their restaurants.

Lola's is right on the corner down there, and those are Dhalias red awnings.  The bakery is right next door.

I also savored this insane desert concoction with mostly closed eyes.  Cream pies, I have found, are not that easy to create so light and fluffy.  Also?  I've noticed that most people flavor them far too much...and other than the banana creme pie that they used to make for a restaurant that was once right down the street from Snap! Snap! I honestly haven't had a creme pie that has been this good.

Which was sadly, years ago.

I have decided that I will most likely be adding creme pies to my pie making repertoire.

Which may mean that I either need to double my visits to the gym or buy pants with elastic waists.

Maybe this is why stretch pants are back in style?

To Be Continued...

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[still waiting for chocolate...lol)
Than ks so much for taking us along. Looks like I may need to choose a new destination for my dream train trip west. Was thinking salt lake city, now thinking Seattle. Hmmmmm...


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