16 January 2009

Time Marches On...

...And, time is totally getting away from me.

I missed yesterday's check in here didn't I?

I don't quite know if it's that I really have nothing to say, if it's the new year (which has had a bit of a rocky start for me and I'm having a tough time putting my feet under me) or if I kind of got use to posting little posts during the Holiday Presence Project over the holidays?

Who knows.

I'm trying to kick start myself back into the habit.

We had lot's of conversations about it last night at Megan's...she recently started a blog, and a mutual friend Amy was there as well...and we were trying to offer advise. Which made me feel a bit phony, seeing as I seem to be struggling in this space at the moment...but, I think I'll find my voice again.

::Little celebrations this week are as follows...

* Four days in a row at the gym starting my new work out routine for the year.
*The movie Ghost Town (part of my movie afternoon with myself on my day off this week...complete with a lot of relaxation in jammie pants and a bit of junk food)

:: Little celebrations looking forward...

* A movie date with my sweetie this weekend (we usually don't go to the movies, because we're both chatters...and we like to chit-chat and interact during movies, thank goodness...I love that about us. But, there's one movie that we both want to see on the big screen)
*A blogger get together on Sunday, for all us local bloggers, at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I don't know if we'll eat there, but just being there provides a lot of excitement for me (as you can imagine...we'll also be missing the playoffs, and everyone in AZ is excited because the Cardinals are doing well...but, I'm usually only in it for the Super Bowl...cause of the snacks. And the commercials)
*More ghost town hunting with Mr. Rich

What are you celebrating this week?

What's happening to celebrate in your future?


Mytutorlist.com said...

Yes! I had 4 days in the gym this week too!!! Isn't it exciting!? I was so proud and could hardly contain myself. This is a very, very rare occurence.

Good job on your 4 days too! Let's keep it up and have a happy, healthy new year!

TomboCheck said...

So you aint spillin' the beans about what movie it is?! Talk about a cliffhanger.

My celebrations for this week include reaching 11.5 mph on the treadmill at the gym, eating bean sprouts in some home-made stirfry, and disconnecting the satellite TV.

Hopefully I'll be celebrating on Sunday with you.

sulu-design said...

I just saw Ghost Town myself and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it (at least I enjoyed the parts that I was awake for - I fall asleep during Every. Single. Movie.) I'm celebrating a week in which I was able to work running back into my daily workouts after a bit of a knee injury, and thinking of lots of great meals that we had this week using ingredients I've been meaning to incorporate into my diet recently. Looking forward to a gifted massage on Sunday... ah!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Lois Grebowski said...

Hope the Cardinals do well. A family friend of big bro's is one of the team coaches for them... He's worked very hard to get where he is and deserves a win...

Celebrating laundry, cleaning... and then hubby and I are checking in on Sunday to get a sleep test... Doesn't get more "funner" than that!!!!!LOL!

She sure is strange! said...

This week I'm celebrating getting back to healthy. And my hubby.

Future celebrations will be continued decluttering and organizing of my stashes. I can't wait to have it "done".

Oh, I'm missing something about going to your favorite Mexican restaurant and not eating. What's up with that?lol



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