26 November 2008

Holiday Presence :: Day Two

I've been sitting on my hands over here...giddy with excitement to share today's pictures with you.

You see, I made a pie for tomorrows festivities.

I adore making pies. I am very good at it, and my pies are beautiful (I think) Making pies is like a sort of meditation for me. I love finding the perfect seasonal apron from my vintage apron stash, getting down the perfect mixing bowls (I get my love of mixing bowls from my mother, because she had the most amazing mixing bowls when I was growing up...and there's nothing quite like the feel of a perfect bowl) for the filling and rummaging around for my canape cutters...rolling out the pie dough, and cutting little extra shapes and applying each piece to the pie crust...leaves in this case. I cut each leaf out, and then score the top with a knife to make it look like the veins...and then carefully set it atop the crust. My mother kindly even bought me some pie crust covers so that I can bake each special pie without burning all the pretties (sometimes this happens and they worked perfect...browning the leaves just beautifully instead of burning them)

I am looking forward to joining both my family in the morning when we'll be dining at noon...and my mother requested that I make the pie and my vegan potatoes au gratin to join her tomato mincemeat tarts, dressing (our families recipe) and all sorts of goodies...and then I will be joining Rich at 3:00 for his famous meat pie, my vegan potatoes au gratin (they're getting a lot of play this holiday) and more goodies...

Last year, I spent Thanksgiving with Rich only...and since he has a nutty work schedule, I thought I could go to my families as well. I don't usually spend Thanksgiving with my family, kind of a habit that I got into when I was married, but they never mind if I swing by...Rich and I also went hiking last year, and this year it is gearing up to be quite blustery rainy and possibly snowy weather this year, so that is certainly out. We'll snuggle, eat and watch a movie instead...Rich also doesn't like pumpkin pie, so I didn't make one last year. I thought it would be too dangerous to have a whole pie just innocently sitting around my house...just for me.

Too much of a temptation indeed.

But, after tonight, I realize that dangerous or not, this is a tradition that I need to do for myself to make me truly happy this time of year...


Lois Grebowski said...

MMMMM... the pie is pretty and looks delish. After all, it's all about the pumpkin pie!!!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm so very thankful you're a part of my life!

velvet brick said...

I am making my own pumpkin pie as well, dear friend! I'm the only one who likes it and, as you, I've thought better about doing it, but then I realized that I need to do it for myself...it's important for me to do this for me this year. So we shall share a squirt of whipped cream and toast to ourselves, dear girl! : )) Have the best time tomorrow...you are awesome and I am very thankful to have you in myu life! : )

She sure is strange! said...

What time is dinner again??? I may be hopping the red eye to join you. I'm thinking of running away. Or maybe a good hot toddy would do the trick. Nope, I think it has to be pie. Maybe tomorrow!!


ps, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Enjoy your fellowship with family and friends!

kirida said...

I love holidays at your house. It just looks wonderful!

I hope you have a very happy thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I agree Sadira, pie making is "like a sort of meditation!" I made the Memere's meat pie here. As I am now a Meme myself to 4 little ones, it has taken on a whole new meaning!

We are thankful for you!


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