18 November 2008

Another Year Older...


A very Happy Birthday to two of the most important men in my life today. My father and Rich share the same birthday (insert appropriate Freudian joke here) I also feel incredibly lucky to have both of these amazing men in my life...I smile every day about it in fact. They are both expert story tellers, comfortable around many people...and often make friends wherever they go, which is wonderful in my opinion, because you never know who you're going to meet...they are quick to smile and laugh, they have wonderful senses of humor...big beautiful blue eyes (which is where I get my blue eyes in fact...that would be my father, not Rich...I'm sure you figured that out though, you're kind of smart like that) they are both kind and loving as well...each in their own different ways...incredibly smart and have sharp tongues and wit. I also think you can talk to a Scorpio about almost anything...they can be very thoughtful and are darned good gift givers to boot.

I am lucky enough to be spending Rich's birthday with him, including a special Airstream dinner (he's cooking a coveted family recipe tonight...we won't actually be eating the Airstream, I'm not to sure how special that would be) and enjoying of a lovely gift to celebrate (if I may say so myself. Of course, I picked it out, so I think I shall say so myself...thankyouverymuch) Both my father and Rich can hardly stand it when you try to surprise them (Scorpios don't like hidden things...even if they are good things) and are often so intuitive, it's impossible to surprise them as well...I gave Rich his gift early yesterday and he was quite surprised...My father has a silly card on the way (although it may be there already) with some fun gift cards enclosed...and I will be calling him today since I can't be there in person.

If you would like to help me in wishing Rich a Happy Birthday, you can pop over here to his blog and leave him a comment...If you would like to wish my father a Happy Birthday it will have to be here...like me.

Happy Birthday JohnDad!

Happy Birthday Rich!

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Rich said...

My best to the guy who shares my birthday! It's a good day for sure!!!

Thanks Sadira. :)


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