30 November 2008

Holiday Presence :: Day Six

The Holiday Light Parade :: Prescott Arizona :: November 29, 2008

The Prescott World's Oldest Rodeo Frontier Queen and her court

The Yavapai Prescott Native Youth Float (look at that wonderful eagle!!)

The Grinch...posing as King Kong...going after Santa's sleigh
(apparently someone hasn't read The Grinch Who Stole Christmas)

The Prescott Unified School District bus...
full of happy and educated children...

And...the big man himself...


Our little light parade has grown up. I think it was almost an entire hour long...and the perfect way to kick off the holiday season for me.

As for Sunday?

I have been running around cleaning. I've been on my step stool cleaning the tops of all the window and door moldings and wiping down the iron curtain rods, washing the inside of the windows and their sills, dusting the ceiling fan, the baseboards...looking for errant spiderwebs to attack. And the vacuuming?!?! (including under all the furniture and in every corner) Throwing away piles of things, and cleaning surfaces...culling part of my bowl collection in the kitchen...clearing off the mantle for the impending Christmas decorating and finally setting up the tree, hanging the greenery around the doorways, hanging the mistletoe...and then some of the outside lights.

And all this before noon.

I am mightily impressed with myself.

It's now a blank slate around here. Rather than hurrying to put everything up, I am determined to enjoy the dragging out and unpacking all of the ornaments and decorations this year.

I am also determined to clean and organize and cull the entirety of this house...starting one room at a time. It feels so good so far...


Lois Grebowski said...

When you're finished there, I avae antoher place that eneds cleaning... LOL!

velvet brick said...

It is work to do all this but it sure feels good to accomplish a might task and relish in it when it's all done! I bet your home will be amazing and full of Christmas spirit! Love the pics of the parade...and yes... Prescott and all of it's traditions have definetely grown up since I first remember...some 48 years ago! Happy December, my friend!


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