11 July 2008


Last night on the way to the gym I found myself driving through a rainstorm. This would be the same rainstorm that not only hurled pea sized hail into Snap Snap that afternoon, it was also the same storm that made the electricity go out as well.

It was only for 5 minutes, but...it was indeed out.

I decided to brave
the rain that was still pouring down out of the sky and go for some afternoon cardio and yoga (it's inside, so I was safe from all the thunder and lightning that was still surrounding us) On the last road I turn down before I get to the gym I saw a young man struggling as he was walking through the rain. Well, he was actually trying to strut all cool like...acting as if walking in a downpour was an everyday thing. But, as I was passing him I noticed a few things:

  • He was wearing a zip up hoodie...he was not wearing the hood.
  • He did have a hat on...but it was backwards with the brim on the back of his head.
  • He was wearing big baggy pants with about 2 feet of very wet denim material dragging out behind him.

I was chuckling
to myself a bit. Here he was, in a downpour, walking outside with all the things on his person to protect him from the elements...only homie wasn't willing to use any of them. I'm thinking it was in the name of fashion (Now, that's dedication to the cause) but I'm not sure...

I'm sitting at
Foolsewoode right now looking out at the dark clouds again today...listening to the thunder. I know I will be bringing the umbrella to work...and I'll use it when I'm out walking.

My 20th high school reunion
is this weekend, and I've decided not to go. I thought the cost was prohibitive (specially since Ms. D and I are off to our big weekend soon...I thought the money would be better spent in Sephora or Anthropologie instead) Plus? Rich and I are shooting a wedding tomorrow night...and I'm using that as a happy excuse not to go. I keep waiting to feel bad about not going, but I actually don't. I still keep in touch with a lot of my friends from high school, and if they're in town, they all know where to find me (plus? I've heard of a party and I know where to find everyone after the events if I'm so inclined)

I hope you all have an amazing weekend...


velvet brick said...

Lordy, girl! About 6 hours after I talked with you, the heavens finally opened up down here and have wrecked all sorts of havoc on our valley! Rain was downpouring in sheets and I've never seen my tree trunks sooo soaked!! We sooo needed this rain...the valley is so parched...so I am doing my happy dance all day long! : ))

Anonymous said...

I'm there with you for not going to the reunion. My 15 year is sometime this year and I'm not going. I'm secretly hoping that can't even find me to send info to me. :) My feeling is that I keep in touch with the ones I want to keep in touch with. I don't need to go and see who got fat and who got successful.

Granny J said...

Great storm -- but talk to me about reassembling one's system after unplugging everything! It wasn't til quite late that I finally figured out that my phone wasn't coming through the ethernet connection & computer. All of which boggled the entire works. Argh. BTW, lovely after-the-storm picture.

Wende said...

We're not going to ours either. I'm so ok with that. I know we all change and everything, but seriously. . . don't need to relive that chapter of my life.

Anyhow, if they want to catch up with me, they'll have to watch the Made of Tv movie about my life, starring someone on the D list. Hee. :D

Bobbypin Bandit said...

The rain hit Tucson at 1am and it rained for hours. It was heavy rain, too. I love the way the sky looks in your picture. I love the Arizona sky after a rain. It is so gorgeous!

TomboCheck said...

Ooooh, can't wait to see how the wedding pics come out. You using the 10D, or are you the assistant holding the reflector?

Design Diva said...

Hey, you went to school with my sister! I told her I thought the cost was outrageous. I think she is going to the family picnic thing though. She and Ian Russell were good friends. Hope your weekend and wedding shoot is awesome! Tracie

Tonya said...

Oh I so loved the storm yesterday. We had about a 5 minute black out also. I secretly wished it had been longer. Great picture!

I think you should go to the party, then you'll get to see everyone get drunk...like it was 20years ago. aaahhh good times

Anonymous said...

Now that's a true fashion victim! LOL!

And a toast to you, my friend, as we both forgo our respective 20ths this weekend. I'm pretty sure I'm not missing a thing. ;)

A Fanciful Twist said...

Oh, I would NEVER go to my highschool reunion!! hahaaa!! So, I am high fiving you on that!! I just can't see wanting to see anyone again... Why, oh why?? I dunno, maybe I am wrong? I have a lady I do pottery with, who thinks I am insane for not going to my 10 year reunion a couple years ago... Hmmmm... Well, it still doesn't convince me ;)

Have a fun wedding photo shooooot!! xoxo

(Oh yes, I have seen those fashion guys before ;) Mr. Lovee despises the hat backwards thing, more than anything...)

Blue Dragonfly said...

Happy 20th HS Reunion tonight (and I suppose last night too)! I'm sure glad we didn't plan to go too because I came down with a "booger" of a cold this week (I noticed I kept using "booger" related to it) and even missed work on Thursday, which I never do. Anyhow, I hope the rest of them have fun. If you get any photos or anything, be sure to share!

Anonymous said...

Sephora trumps reunions...hands down!


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