07 July 2008

It Was A 3-Day Weekend...

Which means I totally cleaned the house from top to bottom!


Actually, I ran around to bar-b-q's all weekend...the way it's going? If I expand my "fan" base...I'll never have to pay for or cook my own food again. It's like dating the whole world. sigh.

I spent Friday the 4th of July, with Rich (enjoying both of our day's off together) running here and there...finally curling up at the Airstream for a nap. Well, that was me anyway...Rich stayed up and watched a movie. He's exhausted...which is why I was a little surprised that he didn't lay down next to me and take a snooze...he'd been talking about taking a nap since before going to bed the night before.

This is what grown up adults do you know, plan out their next naps.

He said that he sometimes feels like he has to entertain me when I'm at the Airstream. Weeellll...he put on a movie I didn't want to watch, so I picked up the book I brought with me (because I'm totally devouring Jen Lancaster's books in quick succession) and I read that until I had to pick my head up off the book (I was also afraid of drooling and sticking the pages together) and staggered back to the bed where I flopped down and was out for a while...I'm not sure what kind of entertainment I required either when I was reading or sleeping, or became an adult for that matter...but there you have it. Rich is so tired he's apparently delirious.

Then he sputtered around and said something about Dysoning and cleaning the Airstream...but, he didn't want to wake me up.


I was promised a nap...

Plus? The weather turned all blustery and rainy, so it was the perfect afternoon for sleeping...After I managed to rouse myself (mostly because there was some strange rocking and noises going on...which I took to mean that Rich was outside covertly trying to wake me up by fiddling with the awning...but, it was really the awning blowing around in the insane storm winds) we found ourselves at an old neighbors of Rich's new home for a bar-b-q. We lasted approximately one hour...

Yes. Perfect views of the upcoming fireworks and we went home after one hour...while it was still light out. We're pretty much party animals.

I went to my mother's house...
where I spent the rest of the evening jumping up and down trying to see the top half of the fireworks all while trying not to jump on snails, and trying to jump in between the raindrops. Rich went home and went to bed. I told him he should have taken a nap.

There were no pictures taken of the fireworks by either of us this year...

Saturday was more of the same...only Rich was entertaining people at work, and I was taking care of myself by taking myself out to eat and shop...which I considered very nice of me. I didn't mean to shop (I never do) but there were some crazy sales going on...I walked away with a couple of things that were quite cheap, as I had to remind myself that I am saving all of my money right now for Dina and I's Girls Weekend Out. That evening was the celebration for Charlie's birthday...

Dina and I went out early to pick up pizzas...she got one special for Rich and I at Nick and Willie's that had soy cheese on it even. We discovered that Nick and Willies has soy cheese available, and it makes us cry with joy because of the lactose problems we have (and yes, I know that the wheat isn't good either...but, as allergies go, wheat is lower on the list, and we don't eat it all the time) Rich ate before me (I was all smarty because I just started a new diet...and was saving mine for a bit later) when I walked back into the kitchen and all of the pizza was gone. Because some fools didn't realize that it was a special pizza. Luckily one Neanderthal of a man was busily stuffing one slice into his mouth and was greedily clutching the other in his free hand (all while slinging unchewed food and crumbs all over Dina's kitchen) when I said, "...aaaarrrgghh!! Where is the pizza that was in THIS box?!?!" and he reluctantly let me have the piece he hadn't started stuffing in his open mouth, while he went in search for more (and a plate hopefully...do these people eat on the outside?) I proceeded to put it on a plate and smooth it out so I could eat it....this was after I carried it around while crying. I love me some pizza you know. Here I was, ready to make the huge sacrifice and compromise my new diet (only a little bit though) and I was being thwarted...you can only imagine how devastated I was.

This diet is all about proper food combining, and is actually going to be really easy for me to follow, and pizza with just veggies is perfect...but as it was, this particular pizza did have pepperoni on it, so I was only going to have 2 small slices and then a whole lot of raw veggies. What a got was a wadded up piece of pizza with a lot of the toppings missing (I elected not to pick them off the floor or off the front of this guys shirt or chin) and a whole lot more raw veggies than I was planning on in the first place (I was even very good and ate no cake...Of course, after the pizza incident, I did have a drink so I'm sure that just canceled the no cake thing right out...but, with a small buzz these things become more tolerable)

I suppose I could take
the high road here and say that someone was looking out for me so I could not compromise my new way of eating...I chose to take the road that let me simmer and mutter under my breath that perhaps people could have eaten a piece from the FOUR other pizzas that were floating around...two of which had just come out of the oven. While lovely, the soy cheese pizzas look nothing like regular pizza...the cheese melts all weird...I mean, it's great if you like the "taste" of cheese on a pizza, but the look is not the same.

Personally, you could leave the whole cheese business off and I would be fine. I never could understand why people think it's a big deal to not have mozzarella on pizza...mozzarella has a very neutral taste as far as cheeses go...I mean, if it was sharp cheddar, I could understand. Then again, I've had a bit of a prejudice against mozzarella after the time I went for calzones with my father, and I took a big bite and got half melted mozzarella stuck both in my mouth and half way down my throat, where it then rapidly hardened and expanded...making it impossible for me to get the bite of food back up into my mouth to chew, or chew the portion that was already in my mouth so I could swallow...but, right before I passed out (because I could not longer breathe with all the cheese taking up the orifices in my head) I managed to swallow the whole unchewed bite so I didn't have to make the sign for international choking at the table before I lost consciousness. We were at a lovely restaurant overlooking the ocean, and it would have been a shame to just die from a ton of cheese hardening half way down my throat (I also learned to be more dainty with my bites after this)

The new diet says I should carry both my own home made salad dressing around and raw vegetables "just in case" I'm going to go out on a limb and a add a black sharpie to that list as well...that way I can write my name on random bits of food that are special for those of us with food allergies. Because, you don't want to piss the girl off on the diet...nothing good can come of that.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, that's a big bummer. I so love pizza. Hubby hates it (worked at a pizzeria 20+years ago), so it is truly a treat for me.

When he does eat pizza he likes it loaded with spicy stuff...

So what did you buy? Anything fun?

flutter said...

Have you read Jes Riley's book yet?

Anonymous said...

I napped today. :)

Sorry on the soy pizza. Goober dude snaking the soy pizza!


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